Davido’s Album “Timeless” Amasses One Million Streams in Just Six Hours on Boomplay

Davido's Album "Timeless" Amasses One Million Streams in Just Six Hours on Boomplay

On Friday, Afrobeat superstar Davido released his much-awaited album, ‘Timeless’, and it quickly amassed an impressive one million streams on Boomplay in just six hours after its release on the streaming platform. This is a remarkable feat that attests to the popularity of the artist and his music.

The album, which consists of 17 tracks, is currently the No. 1 album on Nigeria’s Top Albums Chart, UK’s Top Albums Chart, and in 17 other countries on Apple Music. Davido made the announcement of the album’s release on his social media pages in the early hours of Friday, expressing his excitement about the project.

In his tweet, he talked about the journey from his previous album to the latest one, describing it as a “whirlwind.” He also gave a shout-out to his wife, Chioma Rowland, and expressed his gratitude to his fans and everyone who helped make the album a success.

The ‘Timeless’ album has also made an impressive impact on Sierra Leone’s Apple Music Songs Chart, with singles from the album topping the chart from number 1 to 17. The one million streams in 6 hours is a testament to the artist’s broad appeal across various countries and cultures.

The album’s success has also generated a buzz on social media, with many fans and music lovers praising Davido for his exceptional talent and dedication to his craft. The album’s popularity is expected to continue to soar as more people discover and appreciate its unique sound and message.

In conclusion, Davido’s ‘Timeless’ album is a testament to his artistry and the passion he brings to his music. Its impressive debut on streaming platforms and charts is a reflection of the artist’s immense talent and the impact of his music on people worldwide.

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