IROKO places 28% of its Nigerian staff on unpaid leave

Most companies have been badly hit since the pandemic and its corresponding lockdowns began months ago. However, some companies, especially streaming services like Netflix, have been experiencing a surge in numbers. Based on this, one would’ve been certain IROKO was also on the receiving end of the pandemic’s ‘goodwill’. But that has not been the case as […]

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Entrepreneur turns lock-down period to Creative Emotional Empowerment Career

Most people might be bored of the view from their windows, particularly those under lockdown to curb spread of COVID-19. But 37-year-old Marketing and advertising agency owner Temple Obike has turned this lock-down period to a creative career and art. An art that is helping the depressed, emotionally battered and addicted across Africa. Play time with […]

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Tesla will slash employee pay and furlough employees

Tesla will cut pay for all of its salaried employees and will furlough hourly workers until May 4, when it intends to resume production of electric cars, according to an internal e-mail that multiple employees shared with CNBC. The pay reductions are expected to be in place until the end of the second quarter. Health orders, implemented […]

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Brand Envoy Africa

Brand Envoy Africa wins Africa’s Most Innovative Marketing and Creative Agency Award

Brand Envoy Africa Limited wins “Africa’s Most Innovative Marketing and Creative Agency of the year 2019” at the African Brand Leadership Merit Awards.  After findings from the award technical committee research report showed that Brand Envoy Africa limited had creatively marketed brands they worked with providing amazing mileage and uptake for their clients products. The […]

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