Escaped South African rapist and murderer, Thabo Bester arrested in Tanzania

Escaped South African rapist and murderer Thabo Bester arrested in Tanzania

A South African rapist and murderer who faked his death to escape from prison and spent more than 10 months on the run has been arrested in Tanzania, Thabo Bester, who gained notoriety as “the Facebook rapist” for luring women on social media and raping them, was apprehended by Tanzanian authorities along with Dr. Nandipha Maguduma, an alleged accomplice in his escape, and an unnamed Mozambican national. The South African cabinet ministers of police and justice announced in a news conference that they are sending a team to Tanzania to secure their return to South Africa.

During the conference, Minister Lamola stated that since Thabo Bester is an escaped criminal, he needs to be deported back to South Africa. However, extradition proceedings may also be initiated against him. Dr. Maguduma, who was seen with Bester at a restaurant in March this year, is likely to face trial as well.

The ministers reported that those arrested were in possession of multiple passports, but there were no stamps reflecting their arrival in Tanzania. The cooperation with the Tanzanian government was praised as “exemplary”.

At the time of Bester’s escape, it was reported that he had died in a fire in his prison cell. The ministers announced on Saturday that DNA analysis of the body found in the cell was not that of Bester. The autopsy report indicated that the deceased had died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head and was already dead prior to the arson incident.

The arrest of Bester and his accomplices is a significant development in South Africa’s efforts to bring the fugitive to justice. The news will bring relief to the victims of his heinous crimes and serve as a warning to others who may attempt to escape justice in a similar manner.

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