Kenya: Government Pathologist Announces Audit of Organ Count for Shakahola Cult Victims to Rule Out Organ Harvesting

Kenya: Government Pathologist Announces Audit of Organ Count for Shakahola Cult Victims to Rule Out Organ Harvesting

On Monday, Chief Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor announced a thorough investigation into the possibility of organ harvesting in the aftermath of the tragic Shakahola cult mass grave discovery. The announcement comes as the government seeks to remain transparent and accountable to the public, reassuring them that they have nothing to hide.

Oduor stated that the scope of investigations would extend to a comprehensive analysis of the victims’ organs. “If any of our people have their organs missing, we will tell the world,” declared Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki, emphasizing the government’s commitment to uncovering the truth. As autopsies begin on the 109 bodies recovered from the mass graves, the government promises to reveal any findings related to missing organs.

The victims were associated with the starvation cult led by controversial televangelist Paul Mackenzie of the Good News International Church. Mackenzie stands accused of convincing his followers that starving to death was the only path to God.

To assist in identifying the deceased, the government’s pathologists will collaborate with the Red Cross, which has established a tracing station for family members to submit DNA samples. Oduor noted that the DNA analysis process might take a month or more, but urged patience from the public during this time.

Meanwhile, Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki revealed that the government is considering establishing a memorial in Shakahola to honor the victims of Mackenzie’s starvation cult. “We will be announcing what government will do with regard to making sure that place remains a memorial for the country to ensure that we always remember that tragedy visited us,” he said.

Kindiki also extended his sympathy to the victims’ relatives and reassured Kenyans that the government is committed to preventing organ harvesting from occurring on Kenyan soil again. As the government seeks to uncover the circumstances that led to these tragic deaths, Kindiki urged Kenyans to remain patient and trust in the government’s dedication to uncovering the truth.

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