Kenya: Investigation Reveals 15 Graves on Pastor Paul Makenzi Property, Four Emaciated Survivors Rescued

Kenya: Investigation Reveals 15 Graves on Pastor Paul Makenzi Property, Four Emaciated Survivors Rescued

In a shocking revelation, homicide detectives have recently uncovered 12 graves believed to belong to followers of the controversial Pastor Paul Makenzi, the leader of the Good News International Church. Makenzi has been accused of promoting a cult-like faith that coerced its members to fast until they, according to his teachings, encountered Jesus Christ.

The graves were discovered within an extensive 800-acre parcel of land, purportedly owned by the beleaguered pastor. They were found scattered throughout various locations, including dense thickets near the homes of his followers, as well as in remote and difficult-to-access areas.

During a comprehensive operation that spanned the entirety of Wednesday, four severely emaciated individuals were rescued and immediately transported to the Malindi Sub County Hospital for urgent medical attention.

The operation is spearheaded by Martin Nyaguto, the Director of the Homicide Division of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations. He anticipates that it may take up to three consecutive days to determine if there are additional graves hidden within the vast forest that has served as a refuge for Makenzi’s followers since 2019.

The families of the victims, who are still uncertain of their loved ones’ fates, have implored the government to employ all available resources to locate their relatives, regardless of whether they are alive or deceased.

Currently, Pastor Paul Makenzi is being detained at the Malindi Police Station. Malindi Chief Magistrate Elizabeth Usui granted the police a 14-day window on Monday to hold Makenzi and six of his followers while investigations continue.

Additionally, seven other fervent followers of the troubled pastor, who had refused to eat while in the hospital and at the police station, were ordered to remain in police custody. This will afford officers the necessary time to secure counseling services for these individuals.

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