NDLEA Parades Three Suspects for Possession of Six Kilograms of Indian Hemp in Katsina State

NDLEA Parades Three Suspects for Possession of Six Kilograms of Indian Hemp in Katsina State

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in Katsina State, Nigeria, paraded two sisters and the spouse of one of them before newsmen on Tuesday for being in possession of six kilograms of Indian hemp. The commander of the NDLEA in Katsina State, Mohammed Bashir, informed the press that Rabi Musa, aged 45, was arrested for being in possession of three kilograms of Indian hemp. Rabi was allegedly assisting her husband, who is currently at large, in the sale of the illicit drug in connivance with her sister, Zainab Musa, and Zainab’s husband.

Bashir explained that Zainab and her husband were also arrested for being in possession of another three kilograms of Indian hemp. The arrest of Rabi led to the apprehension of the two other suspects, and Bashir assured the public that the fleeing husband would soon be arrested. The three suspects already in custody will be prosecuted, he added.

Bashir went on to blame the high rate of divorce cases in Katsina State on drug abuse and urged parents to take drug integrity tests of their would-be sons-in-law seriously. He also advised parents to demand drug-free certificates from potential sons-in-law before giving out their daughters in marriage instead of being swayed by wealth.

During the press briefing, Rabi confessed to committing the crime but explained that she was only following her husband’s instructions to prove her loyalty. She pleaded for mercy and advised women and parents to be cautious about suitors asking for their daughters’ hands in marriage.

Bashir also disclosed that the NDLEA had arrested four other suspects in a vehicle with expired ammunition. The suspects turned out to be car snatchers who had robbed the owner of the car, a senior police officer, at gunpoint. In addition, three other suspects, who were artisans, were arrested a few days prior on the Kano-Katsina Highway with a car suspected to have been stolen in Jos.

The NDLEA is working tirelessly to combat the drug menace in Nigeria and prevent the spread of drug-related crimes. The agency has called on the public to support its efforts by reporting any suspicious activity that may lead to the arrest of drug traffickers and other criminals. With continued collaboration between law enforcement agencies and the public, Nigeria can rid its streets of illicit drugs and reduce crime in the country.

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