Nigeria: Family of Four Wives and 28 Children Signify I Will Succeed As A Speaker, Says Doguwa

Family of Four Wives and 28 Children Signify I Will Succeed As A Speaker, Says Doguwa

Yesterday, the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives, Alhasan Doguwa, announced his intention to run for the speakership of the 10th National Assembly. He expressed confidence in his ability to succeed as Speaker, citing his family life as evidence of his leadership skills. Doguwa, who represents the Tundun Wada/Doguwa federal constituency of Kano State, is married to four wives and is a father to 28 children. He proudly stated that he has never experienced a divorce, demonstrating his capability to maintain stability in both his personal and professional life.

The announcement was made at an event in Abuja, where Doguwa also emphasized his dedication to his party, asserting that he has paid his dues and now deserves to be rewarded with the position of Speaker. This statement comes in response to recent criticism suggesting that Doguwa lacks the competence and temperament required to replace the current Speaker, Femi Gbajabiamila, due to his allegedly erratic behavior.

In defense of his temperament, Doguwa said, “Even as Chief Whip of the House of Representatives, I did not exhibit any high temperament. For those who refer to me as a high-level temperamental person, they have misperceived Ado Doguwa, the man who has four wives and 28 children.”

Doguwa went on to emphasize his commitment to serving the Nigerian people, vowing to be a “carpet for Nigerians to march or walk on” if he is elected as the next Speaker. He believes that his successful management of a large family and his experience as Majority Leader makes him a suitable candidate to lead the 10th National Assembly, fostering stability and unity among its members.

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