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Nigeria ranked 103rd Most Hungry country, 6th most miserable country – Cause and Link



It is an established fact that the 2018 Global Hunger Index (GHI) indicates that the level of hunger and undernutrition worldwide falls into the serious category, at a value of 20.9, down from 29.2 in 2000 but the prevalence of undernourishment, child stunting, child wasting, and child mortality are indicators that have so far emphasize the reductions since 2000.

Out of about 120 counties graded in the list,  predominantly occupying the last 30 are African countries while India and Nigeria share the number 103 in the wold.

In the Forbes magazine of March 28, a ranking titled, Hanke’s Annual Misery Index 2018: The World’s Saddest (And Happiest) Countries was published by an economist from John Hopkins University in Baltimore, US, Steve Hanke.

Steve Hanke ranked Nigeria as the sixth most miserable country in world noting that Misery Index is calculated using economic indices such as unemployment, inflation and the rates banks charge on loans.

If it is true that “a hungry man is an angry man,” then, their could be an established connection between the hunger in the land and the state of misery.

However, reactions have continued to trail the rankings. While some fully agree with the ratings,some are disputing them, noting that the Hunger is particular to a part of the country (North East).

But, leaving out the Insurgency in the North, isn’t the growing level of criminal activities (robberies, kidnapping, ritual killings etc), citizens being executed in foreign land for drug trafficking, some others arrested for stealing in another country, unemployment and obvious unyielding economy in the nation Nigeria enough justification and results of the hunger and misery?

How can a country with low or no life security experience food security?

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Ugandan Woman Bags 20 years jail term for killing husband



A Uganda High Court has sentenced a 27-year-old woman, Jackline Nakku, to 20-years in jail for murdering her husband on Valentine’s Day in 2018.


The High Court in Mukono District in central Uganda found her guilty of murdering her husband Eric Kiddu after hitting him several times on the head with an iron bar.

After the murder Nakku attempted to make the killing appear to be the result of an attack by unknown people by screaming and running to neighbours to ask for help. His body was later found in a pool of blood with a panga and brick besides it, the Daily Monitor reported.

The couple had quarrelled shortly before the bloody encounter with a misunderstanding leading to Kiddu’s death.

Nakku was advised by the judge to appeal the sentence if she was dissatisfied as relatives of both husband and wife argued outside the court, trading accusations.

-IOL News

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Egypt Ranks 2nd Amidst World Emerging Economies.



Amidst the 21 most flexible emerging economies worldwide, Renowned Bloomberg has listed Egypt’s economy behind Philippines in the face of the global trade war.


In its analysis, the Bloomberg agency relied on a set of criteria, most important of which being the GDP growth rate, local currency performance against international currencies, foreign exchange reserves, credit rating, and finally current account performance.

The Egyptian cabinet’s Media Center said in a statement on Monday that indicators of the Egyptian economy improved significantly during the recent period, most notably the choice of the Egyptian pound as the second-best performing currency in the world against the US dollar this year so far, according to Bloomberg.

Of these indicators, GDP growth in the third quarter of fiscal year 2018/2019 reached 5.6 percent, alongside a rise in net foreign exchange reserves by the end of May 2019 to US$44.3 billion, with the current account deficit as a percentage of the GDP declined from 6.1 percent in 2016/2017 to 2.4 percent in 2017/2018.

The statement added that the Egyptian credit rating achieved its best level since 2011 after the agencies of Moody’s, Fitch and Standard & Poor’s upgraded Egypt’s credit rating.

-Egyptian Independent

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