Nigerian Music Mogul, Banky W Addresses Rumoured Affair with Niyola

Nigerian Music Mogul, Banky W Addresses Rumoured Affair with Niyola

A flurry of allegations recently swirled around renowned Nigerian music executive, Bankole Wellington, fondly known as Banky W, a household name within Nigeria’s vibrant music scene. Accusations of infidelity, targeted at Banky W, seemed to have become the newest fodder for gossip columns and online chatter. In response to the ongoing saga, Banky W stood firm, breaking his silence on these rumors that cast a shadow on his reputation and personal life.

These allegations were initially revealed by the controversial blogger Gistlover in a post published last Saturday. In a story that sent shockwaves through the music industry, the blogger reported that Banky W had been involved in a long-standing affair with Niyola, a former signee from his music label. To add fuel to the fire, it was reported that Niyola was allegedly pregnant with Banky W’s child. The report claimed that their relationship had spanned several years, with Niyola frequently shuttling between the United States and Nigeria.

Adding more intrigue to the drama, Gistlover further alleged that Niyola had previously had two abortions, purportedly for Banky W, and had declared a steadfast resolve to keep the current pregnancy.

However, the distinguished Nigerian music executive, Banky W, fervently denied these allegations. Speaking to a congregation at the Waterbrooks Church in Lagos, Banky W dismissed the rumors as the manipulative works of ‘satanic elements.’ He suggested that these elements aimed to divert his congregation’s attention from his Sunday sermon. In a spirited retort, Banky W affirmed, “The devil really didn’t want you to hear this message. In fact, he didn’t want us to enter into this series at all.”

Despite the startling allegations and rampant speculation, he remained calm and unyielding, saying, “There was an attack at the beginning, but here we are. But the devil is a liar. And God is in control.”

In the midst of this storm, the singer took a moment to praise his wife, Adesuwa Etomi, for her unwavering support throughout their journey. With an evident tone of gratitude, he stated, “If I don’t thank God for anything in my life, I thank God for this woman,” as he gestured towards his wife, Adesuwa.

As the saga continues to unfold, Banky W, an iconic figure in the Nigerian music industry, maintains his innocence and stands firm in his truth. The full story is yet to be seen, and only time will determine the validity of these allegations. For now, it seems, his integrity and reputation remain intact, bolstered by his vehement denial and the unwavering support of his wife, Adesuwa Etomi.

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