Nigerian Rapper CDQ Criticizes Asake’s New Snippet: “He Can Do Better Than This”

Nigerian Rapper CDQ Criticizes Asake's New Snippet: "He Can Do Better Than This"

On Sunday, March 12th, 2023, Nigerian rapper Sodiq Abubakar Yusuf, also known as CDQ, took to social media to criticize the latest snippet shared by buzzing street-hop singer Asake. Asake had shared a snippet of an exciting, amapiano-infused tune that had the potential to become a banger. Fans were eagerly anticipating the release of the song.

However, CDQ’s opinion was different from that of the majority of fans. He felt that Asake could have done better and further stated that the snippet sounded like “Palazzo,” a smash hit by DJ Spinall that featured Asake. CDQ made his opinion known by commenting on a blogpost.

The criticism from CDQ, the Nigerian rapper might not come as a surprise to Asake, who had previously faced a similar situation. After the release of the “Sungba” remix featuring Burna Boy, some fans on Twitter referred to Asake as the “Sungba man” due to the similarity in the sound of his music.

Many celebrities, fans, and music lovers have lauded Asake for his talent and his unique style. However, criticism is a natural part of the creative process. As artists continue to push the boundaries and experiment with new sounds, not everyone will appreciate their work.

In conclusion, CDQ’s criticism of Asake’s latest snippet has sparked a debate among fans of the artist. While some agree with CDQ’s assessment of the music, others are excited about the new sound and eagerly anticipating the full release of the song. Asake has proven to be a talented artist with a unique style, and it will be interesting to see how he incorporates the feedback he has received into his future work.

Asake has faced similar situations in the past, including after the release of the “Sungba” remix featuring Burna Boy. Fans on Twitter referred to him as the “Sungba man” due to the similarity in the sound of his music. However, this hasn’t stopped Asake from continuing his musical dominance in 2023.


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