Seven people sustain serious injuries as commercial bus summersaults in Lagos

Seven people sustain serious injuries as commercial bus summersaults in Lagos

On Monday, a commercial bus in Lagos was involved in a crash that left seven people injured. The incident occurred at Super, inward Ile-Epo in the Abule Egba area of Lagos State, and involved a blue Mazda Bus with the registration number AGF 991 YC. According to Adebayo Taofiq, the spokesperson for the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, the driver was over-speeding and attempted to dodge an oncoming Lagos Bus Rapid Transit vehicle. As a result, the bus hit the wall on the BRT lane and flipped over.

All seven passengers in the bus were seriously injured, but thankfully, officers from the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) were on the scene and rescued them. The injured passengers were then taken to Ile-epo General Hospital for treatment.

The incident serves as a warning to commercial bus drivers to adhere to traffic rules and regulations and refrain from over-speeding. LASTMA has warned that commercial bus drivers must stop over-speeding and stop plying BRT corridors that are designated for BRT buses only. Mr Bolaji Oreagba, the General Manager of LASTMA, also advised that decorum should be maintained by road users, particularly commercial bus drivers.

It is crucial for all road users to prioritize safety and adhere to traffic rules to prevent accidents and injuries. LASTMA and other agencies are constantly working to ensure that Lagos roads are safe for all road users. However, it is also the responsibility of all drivers and road users to play their part in ensuring road safety. We urge everyone to exercise caution and obey traffic rules at all times.

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