Nigeria Decides 2019: Overview – Live Election Update (Video)

As Nigerians expects the result of the 2019 General elections, specifically for the Presidential and Federal Legislative elections, Anttention Media takes you through lots that have been experienced across the country as videos of ballot destruction, ballot snatching, illegal thumb printings and relative orderliness characterized the poll. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgjAtj2Wckw https://youtu.be/PxVGLp1I8lk Meanwhile, The Lagos State Commissioner of […]

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Terrifying moment animal trainer gets trapped between two raging buffalo

Terrifying footage has captured the moment an animal trainer gets trapped between the horns of two buffalo as they clashed at a festival. Two men were caught in the line of fire as the raging animals locked together, but one managed to get away quickly. The other man, who had been helping to restrain the animals at […]

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Boat capsizes off Sri Lanka’s coast leaving 10 people dead

Police said on Sunday that at least 10 people were killed and seven others rescued after the boat they were travelling in capsized off Sri Lanka’s southwestern coast. The boat was among 19 that took part in a religious festival procession from the fishing town of Beruwala, about 60km south of the capital, Colombo. The […]

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