The Top 10 Wearable Tech Devices Revolutionizing Payment Systems

The Top 10 Wearable Tech Devices Revolutionizing Payment Systems

In our rapidly digitizing world, technology continuously transforms every facet of our lives – and the way we make payments is no exception. Wearable tech has emerged as a major game-changer, infusing convenience and security into our daily transactions. The buzz around wearable tech is loud, and for a good reason. From smartwatches to fitness bands, these compact devices offer not only numerous health and communication benefits but also the ability to make payments swiftly and effortlessly. As the landscape of digital payments evolves, we take a look at the top 10 wearable tech devices people are using to make payments.

  1. Apple Watch

The pioneer in smart wearable tech, Apple, has successfully integrated mobile payment into the Apple Watch. With Apple Pay, you can effortlessly make transactions by simply tapping your watch against the card reader. Thanks to the secure element chip that encrypts and secures your payment information, Apple Watch ensures the perfect blend of convenience and security.

  1. Fitbit Pay

For fitness enthusiasts who prefer cashless transactions, Fitbit Pay on Fitbit wearable devices has become a real boon. This platform allows users to add their credit or debit card details to their device, enabling seamless payments at any contactless payment terminal worldwide. Moreover, Fitbit’s secure token system safeguards your card details, making it a safe bet.

  1. Garmin Pay

Another wearable tech device making waves in the payment industry is the Garmin smartwatch. Garmin Pay is designed for individuals with an active lifestyle, allowing users to make payments without carrying their phone or wallet. Like its counterparts, Garmin Pay uses watch-specific card numbers and transaction codes for added security.

  1. Samsung Gear S3

Samsung Gear S3, equipped with Samsung Pay, stands out for its compatibility with almost any POS terminal, thanks to Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) technology. This smartwatch allows you to make payments easily while also integrating numerous fitness and communication features.

  1. Google Pay on Wear OS Devices

Google Pay is now available on Wear OS devices, enabling contactless payments with just a wave of your wrist. Google Pay provides a seamless and secure method of payment, with a strong encryption system that safeguards your financial information.

  1. Xiaomi Mi Band

Xiaomi Mi Band offers affordable wearable tech with payment capabilities. In collaboration with UnionPay, it enables users to quickly make contactless payments while enjoying the standard fitness tracking features of the Mi Band.

  1. Amazfit Bip

Amazfit Bip, with its amazing battery life and affordable price, now includes NFC to support contactless payments. By pairing with Alipay, it offers users the convenience of making payments right from their wrist.

  1. Jawbone UP4

The Jawbone UP4 takes fitness bands to the next level by offering American Express contactless payment feature. Although primarily a fitness tracker, this feature allows Amex cardholders to make payments at various locations conveniently.

  1. bPay by Barclays

bPay offers a unique approach to wearable tech payments by offering standalone devices such as wristbands, key fobs, and even stickers that can be attached to any item. These devices can be linked to any UK Visa or MasterCard, making payments a breeze.

  1. Sony Wena Wrist

Sony’s Wena Wrist smart straps revolutionize traditional watches by offering smart features, including contactless payment via the Wena Pay app. This offers an attractive option for individuals who prefer the classic watch look but want modern payment convenience.


Wearable tech is undoubtedly reshaping our payment methods, bringing about a blend of ease, speed, and enhanced security. As technology continues to evolve, the reliance on physical wallets is likely to diminish, making way for a world of contactless, cashless transactions. The wearable tech devices listed above are just the beginning – the future promises even more innovation and convenience in the payment space.


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