Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni Tests Positive for COVID-19

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni Tests Positive for COVID-19

The President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, has recently been diagnosed with COVID-19, according to an announcement made by a senior official from the country’s health ministry. Despite the President’s positive diagnosis, the health ministry’s permanent secretary, Diane Atwine, has reassured the public of Museveni’s stable condition. In a late Wednesday tweet, Atwine revealed that the President contracted the virus following the onset of mild flu-like symptoms but maintains robust health, enabling him to continue carrying out his presidential duties.

Atwine went further to clarify that the President’s daily routine has been adjusted in accordance with the standard operating procedures for handling COVID-19 cases. Museveni’s commitment to these guidelines has remained steadfast, reinforcing his responsibility toward the health and safety of those around him while he continues to serve his country during these trying times.

Earlier the same Wednesday, after delivering his State of the Nation address at the parliament’s grounds, President Museveni, who is 78 years old, hinted at the possibility of having contracted the virus. He revealed that he had woken up with a slight cold that morning, which led him to take precautionary measures, requesting COVID tests as a result. Of the three tests conducted, two returned negative results, with the outcome of the third test still pending at that time.

In an attempt to quell any arising fears, Museveni humorously described himself as a “suspect of the corona,” standing before the people. He further explained the separate vehicle arrangements with his wife, First Lady Janet Museveni, as a precautionary measure due to his potential COVID status. The First Lady had joined him in attending the parliament on that day.

During his State of the Nation address, President Museveni shed light on the significant strides the Ugandan government has made in bolstering its health systems over the past three years. This encompasses efforts made towards equipping both regional and national referral hospitals across the country.

Moreover, an impressive renovation and upgrade project has seen the transformation of 225 health centre IIs into health center IIIs. Such a move is indicative of the government’s resolve in increasing the country’s capacity to handle health crises, including the current pandemic.

In a further display of Uganda’s commitment to the battle against COVID-19, the President also mentioned the country’s progress in vaccine development. This underscores the significant efforts being undertaken to ensure the safety and health of the nation’s people amidst the global pandemic.

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