US Diplomat Pledges Support for Angola Foreign Investment and Economic Diversification Goals

US Diplomat Pledges Support for Angola's Foreign Investment and Economic Diversification Goals

In a recent statement, Mary Emma Arnold, the Counselor Minister for the US Mission in Angola and Sao Tome and Principe, affirmed that the United States will continue to back Angola efforts to attract foreign investment, enhance trade, and facilitate economic diversification. Arnold made these remarks during her visit to Luanda, where she toured the Special Economic Zone (ZEE) to gain insight into its potential, investment projects, and prospective business partnerships in areas offering viable business opportunities.

According to Arnold, the visit by her delegation served as a valuable opportunity to fortify existing ties between the US and Angola across various sectors. She emphasized that US-based firms interested in investing in Angola played a critical role in supporting the strengthening of these relations. The Counselor Minister further highlighted that the US government’s new trade and investment initiative for Africa specifically targets Angola’s agribusiness sector to assist investors in overcoming export barriers and accessing new markets, including the United States.

Arnold believes that the ZEE can serve as a powerful catalyst for accelerating economic development and job creation, given that special economic zones have historically spurred economic growth around the globe, with Africa being no exception. As part of this effort, she revealed that a US financial corporation, in collaboration with the “Prosper Africa” initiative, will visit Luanda within a month to identify projects in sectors such as health, mineral resources, and agriculture. These projects will then receive investment support to help bolster the Angolan economy.

In order to create a transparent business environment, Arnold called for the continuation of the fight against corruption, emphasizing that the US government is committed to enhancing governance, accountability, and public finance management capacity in key institutions. She described the Angola-US relationship as “very solid,” adding that her country will persist in seeking ways to reinforce this strategic partnership while striving to achieve shared objectives related to security, prosperity, and good governance.

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