Whitney Adeniran’s family and Chrisland School agree to conduct independent autopsy

Whitney Adeniran's family and Chrisland School agree to conduct independent autopsy

The Chrisland School management has been granted leave by Magistrate Olabisi Fajana to access the toxicology samples of tests conducted to enable an independent forensic pathologist’s assessment and evaluation. This decision was made by the Corona inquest on Tuesday at the Samuel Ilori Court House, Ikeja District Court, Ogba.

The application for an independent review was served on the state and counsel to the family, and neither party filed any counter affidavit to oppose the motion for an independent re-evaluation to unravel the truth. Counsel to the state had earlier applied that the court should order the attendance of the state pathologist at the cost of the applicant, which the applicant did not object to.

With the family and Chrisland school counsel aligned on this position, the court directed that the consultation by the independent forensic pathologist be carried out within Lagos State, and the pathologist of the deceased’s family granted access as an observer during the exercise.

To ensure a comprehensive review, the court has ordered the release of several items for the independent review, including “the paraffin block of the skin sample and slides from which the diagnosis of electrocution was made. Samples of the urine, blood, and other body fluid collected at autopsy. Samples of bone and muscle taken from the deceased for purpose of independent DNA analysis. All photographs taken during the conduct of the autopsy. Copies of any other working sample and documents made in the course of the autopsy, result of all toxicology tests conducted.”

The modalities of the transmission of the above-listed items “a” to “f” shall be as decided by the Chief Medical Examiner of Lagos State. The Chief Medical Examiner or an officer assigned by him shall be present at all times during the transmission of the above-listed items “a” to “f’ and the consultation of the Independent Forensic Pathologist of the applicant.

This order marks a crucial step towards uncovering the truth behind the untimely death of the student, as the independent forensic pathologist will provide an objective assessment and evaluation of the toxicology samples. It is hoped that this review will provide clarity and closure for all parties involved.

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