Kanye begged Kim Kardashian not to walk out on their marriage after learning kim’s ‘talking to divorce lawyers’

Kanye West has put his ego aside for once and begged his wife Kim Kardashian not to walk out on their marriage.

“It’s no secret they’ve been at each other’s throats over the past few months and Kanye knows he’s pushed her away,” a family insider said, noting the warring couple have seen little of each other since his recent disaster of a fashion show in New York.

“He’s been miserable as hell whenever Kim and the kids aren’t by his side and he’s been calling and texting every second hour, begging her to let him join her or for her to come home — on the rare occasions she answers his calls,” the insider told Radar.

One reason for the rapper to suddenly become so humble could be that the whispers about the demise of his marriage with Kardashian have become a lot louder lately.

“He’s heard stories that she’s been talking to lawyers and it’s got him totally worked up into a panic that she’s about to hit him with divorce paper,” said the insider. “He’s freaking out.”