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MTN MyTunez: Edentek IT Ltd & Other Providers Partner with MTN Nigeria to Launch the MTN “MyTunez” Service

The MTN MyTunez product was officialy repackaged and launched in December 2016 with Bilyak Solutions, Edentek IT Limited and Ultima Studio lending their experience in mobile content provisioning to the project. The service has given subscribers the opportunity to allow their personalities seep through to their callers via their caller tunes. With this product, callers can promote their business or embrace their personal style by using either the “Career or Name” Tunez respectively.

An interview with Edentek IT Limited’s CEO and co-founder, Obike Temple revealed that over 200 and 2,000 career and name tunez respectively were ready for users who want to subscribe to the service with many more users sending in requests to either have name tunez created for them or have personal business/career promotion tunez recorded for them simply by sending their career or name to 441.

CAREER TUNEZ: With the current economic clime in Nigeria, many are looking for new ways to name tuneez 2either start up a business or promote their already existing businesses without paying outrageously high amounts for TV, radio or print adverts. This arm of the “MyTunez” product has helped professionals across all works of life use their caller tunes as their personal billboards, advertising their careers and business to callers. Many subscribers have mentioned that they noticed an increase in sales because people who always called them but didn’t know what their profession was could now think of them the moment they needed the services of someone in that profession.

NAME TUNEZ: This arm of the product has been accepted by a wide range of MTNMyTunezsubscribers due to it’s eminent value. A cross section of the users who recently imbibed it’s use have either noticed an
increase in the emotional connections of those who listened to their name tunez saying it was the perfect ice-breaker providing topics for discussions with friends, family and colleagues.



Click Here to get the codes for all the available career tunes that will definitely help you boost your business and advertise your brand. The platform contains

· Codes of existing Career Tunez for Professionals, Artisans and and More
· Promotional VIDEO with activation details
· Form that allows subscribers request for personalized tunes with their names on it 

It all starts with sending your name or career to 441 or simply texting ” the “tune code” to 4100 (e.g to set the career “Blogger” as your ringback tune, send 0721101 to 4100).   click here to get the code for your own career or name and also learn how you can send the tune as a gift to your friend.


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