Effective Homemade Vaginal Wash To Eliminate Odor And Infection

You have seen the numerous TV advertisements for feminize wash. They are very enticing and as results numerous ladies begin utilizing these products. They likewise start thinking that there is some kind of problem with their vagina which should be cleaned.

In any case, because of changing way of life there may be some issue that may happen with vagina and it needs some cleaning. You can do this with some home-made feminize wash. You can try these natural and home remedies in order to clean your vagina and keep yourself far from chemical products.


You just have to mix one teaspoon with one glass of water and to pour it on your part, and then rinse with warm water. It is non-toxic and you will not experience rashes.


By utilizing aloe vera plant you can make a feminine wash. You should slice an open aloe vera leaf and scrape the gel out. Then, mix it with water in a small bowl and apply it to your vulva. Rinse with warm water.


Lemon is the best compound that you can utilize on any part of your body. Its leaves contain a compound called limonene that makes it antibiotic, antimicrobial, and an anti-allergic agent. It purges and keeps your vagina smelling sweet. Lemon leaf also helps to maintain the pH of the vagina, and it also keeps it healthy and clean.


Apple cider vinegar is just another natural vaginal remedy. You have to add a few drops of this vinegar to your bath tub and leave the apple cider vinegar do its job. It also restores the acidic quality of the vaginal flora.

5.     YOGURT

Yogurt can be used as a home remedy in order to clean your vagina. If you apply yogurt on your vagina, it will remove the Candida infection.