See the biggest mistakes you make when having sex

These are the biggest mistakes you make when you’re having sex

Whilst everyone enjoys sex, you’re not likely to have a good experience every time you do the deed. Depending on your choice of sexual partner, your mood and even what you’ve had to eat earlier, you could be resigning yourself to a rather disappointing sexual encounter.

What makes this even worse is the expectations that us humans posit on our sexual partner. We all have our own criteria for what we find attractive, and in the majority of cases this can be pretty narrow. While some people prefer conventional paradigms of beauty, others have more niche expectations.

A survey of 5,000 heterosexual adults conducted by the Australian jewellery firm, Forktip, helped clarify what exactly people find frustrating in a sexual partner, and it’s enough to quash the hopeless romantic in anyone.

Researchers asked participants about their sex lives and discovered what exactly men and women consider to be turnoffs. According to the survey, women’s least favourite things in a male sexual partner are the following: “weird noises”, penises which are “too small”, premature ejaculation and changing position “too frequently”.

The answers that men gave, however, were decidedly more cosmetic. They took affront with women who they deemed to be “too loose”, had breasts that were “too small” or a “lack of booty”. They also specified that “too much noise” could be a major turnoff.

Researchers also quizzed respondents about what could ruin a burgeoning sexual encounter. Participants stated that they’re not likely to have a good time if they have sex whilst being hungry or hungover. They also said that they prefer to wait to have sex after visiting their family or their significant other’s relatives.

Forktip took the time to ask respondents a number of questions relating to their attitudes towards sex and relationships. A surprising amount of people seemed to be ashamed about the number of sexual partners they’d had with 79.2 per cent of women admitting to lying to their current boyfriend about the number of exes they had. For men, the number stood at a substantial 50 per cent.

Researchers also delved into the future of sexual relations in this modern age. They asked participants whether they would consider replacing their significant other with a sex robot if the experience was more pleasurable and both men and women were more than willing to consider the possibility. 49.6 per cent of women said that they would give it a go and that number jumped to 71.3 per cent for men.

Forktip tried to gauge what could possibly make sexual encounters better by asking those surveyed what they like to do right before sex, and the answers were all geared towards enhancing the experience. The top three answers were drinking alcohol or coffee and doing drugs.
Well, I don’t know about you but I found that rather illuminating. For something that’s so natural, sex can sure be a complicated thing.