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Toddler killed by man who landed on him while jumping to his death from 8th floor flat



A toddler has been killed by a man who landed on him after jumping to his death from the eight floor of an apartment block.

The child, aged 21-months, was with his father at the entrance to the building when tragedy struck.

Paramedics tried desperately to revive him after he was hit by the man’s body, but the little boy sadly died a few minutes after help arrived.

The 39-year-man also was also killed in the horrific incident in Zaporizhia, in the Ukraine.

Neighbors said the boy’s mother, named Anna Polishchuk, was saying goodbye to her parents at a New Year family celebration and only came outside a few minutes after her son was hit.

By then an ambulance had arrived and paramedics were frantically trying to save the “crumpled” child.

Neighbor Sergey Borisov said: “I heard a loud thump.

“Then the boy’s mother rushed out.

“She ran to the ambulance where paramedics were seeking to save the child, and understood everything instantly.

“I had to shut my windows because there was so much agonising pain in her screams.

“I just couldn’t bear hearing them.”

A  neighbor said: “A paramedic came out of the ambulance, and saw us all waiting for news.

“She told us: ‘Pray for the boy. We are trying to save him’.

“You know… this was the first time in my life when I heard so many people praying out loud.”

Senior paramedic Vitaly Reznikov confirmed: “The man who committed suicide fell right onto the boy.

“The toddler crumpled from the strength of the hit.

“We tried to reanimate his heart and lungs.

“The boy died inside the ambulance.”

The dead man was called Yevgeny, a construction worker, and was a neighbour of Anna’s family, living one floor below them.

Neighbours said he knew the family including the toddler he killed.

A police spokeswoman said: “We are investigating the reasons that pushed the man to suicide.

“We are checking if he could have been drunk, or if there were other reasons that made him do this.”

Sympathetic comments flooded in to the bereaved mother’s social media.

The mother is a teacher at a school for orphans.

“What untold grief. I am so sorry Anna. I will be praying for you and your husband. Stay strong,” said one.

Another from Lina Holoshchapova said: “I just can’t sleep here, weeping for you.

“No words can help you, I know, but feel me with you. I am also a mother and my God this is impossible to comprehend”.

The name of the dead boy was not immediately given.Anna’s husband was not named but a post on her social media said: “My little son and my husband always inspire me.”


EFF demands the sacking of South Africa’s finance minister Nene.



South Africa’s political players are headed for a collision course over the fate of the finance minister, who the Treasury on Tuesday said is traveling to Indonesia for an International Monetary Fund (IMF) meeting.

Pressure has been piling on finance minister Nhlanhla Nene to resign, following his disclosure to the state-capture inquiry commission, that he had met the Gupta brothers between 2010 and 2013.

The Business Day on Monday reported that Nene had asked president Cyril Ramaphosa to relieve him of his duties as finance minister.

Ramaphosa’s office responded and said they were not aware of Nene’s request.

And on Tuesday, Treasury spokesman Jabulani Sikhakhane said the finance minister was expected to arrive in Indonesia on Wednesday.

Nene is also expected to read the mid-term budget later this month.


The news that Nene is continuing with his duties is likely to anger opposition supporters including the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), whose leader, Julius Malema on Monday asked Ramaphosa to sack Nene.

In a written letter to Ramaphosa, Malema argued that the country, whose economy is in recession, had very serious challenges that needed a credible finance minister to address them.

‘‘Public servants at all spheres and levels of government will have no obligation to responsibly manage state fiscal resources under a compromised minister of finance,’‘ Malema said.

He then added that that Nene can no longer inspire much needed confidence to revive the economy.

‘‘The Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS)‚ which is supposed to be a statement to build confidence amongst all important economic role players‚ cannot‚ and should not‚ be delivered by a minister who was part of the Gupta criminal syndicate.”

For the EFF, Nene’s position as finance minister is no longer tenable and they are determined to win what they are now calling a battle.

Malema had threatened on Sunday that streets protests might be organised to demand for the removal of Nene as finance minister.

The Gupta brothers are accused of using their friendship with former president Jacob Zuma to influence government decisions including unfairly winning state contrcats.

Both Zuma and the Guptas have denied any wrongdoing.


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South Africa: Ex-minister reveals Zuma’s Gupta deals.



South Africa’s Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene said on Wednesday he was fired by former president Jacob Zuma for refusing to approve contracts that would financially benefit the Gupta family, friends of Zuma accused of corruption.

Nene, who was giving testimony at a judicial inquiry into influence-peddling, said the main reason he was he was sacked was for rejecting a proposed plan to build a fleet of nuclear power plants. The project could have cost up to $100 billion.


Zuma and the Gupta family deny allegations they colluded to inappropriately divert state funds.


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