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Heartbreaking photo captures dad’s pain as daughter, 4, battles brain tumour.



A heartbroken dad has shared a picture of himself hugging his four-year-old daughter as she undergoes treatment for a brain tumour the size of a golf ball.

The toddler is putting on a brave face as she prepares for at least eight months of intensive treatment after being diagnosed.

But for her dad, it all became too much as his daughter reached out and hugged him while attached to a drip in hospital.

Steve McGill, 39, said: “It’s hard to describe what you feel as a parent when you are told your child has a brain tumour.

“Devastation, shock, confusion, panic, disbelief; it all rings around your head as you try and process it all.

Poppy has been really brave – she’s a tough cookie. At the moment she knows she has been ill and she knows that she has a ball in her head.”

Mr McGill told report: “We’re focusing on making sure her wellbeing is right before we start thinking about the radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Poppy, from Arnold near Nottingham, had not long returned from a family trip of a lifetime to Lapland when her parents were told she had a tumour bigger than a golf ball lodged in her brain.

Just days later she was on the operating table at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham to remove as much of the tumour as possible.

But she now faces six weeks of radiotherapy treatment, followed by six months on chemotherapy, as doctors hope to rid Poppy of the tumour completely.

Steve added:”The tumour was pyramid shaped, and a bit bigger than a golf ball, but not as big as a tennis ball.

“The doctors told us there we a chance she might never walk or speak again, but thankfully the operation went ahead fine.”

Mr McGill, his wife, Rona, 40, and their son Luke, six, have been at the bedside of Poppy ever since and the self-employed musician has said his experience of the NHS has been second to none.

The couple called 111 after Poppy had complained of headaches for a couple of days, but then became lethargic, sick and was unable to stand up.

They were referred to the walk-in centre where staff in turn sent the family to the emergency department at the QMC.

“Within 24 hours of arrival there she was in an MRI scanner. Many doctors came and went and did tests etc,” Mr McGill said.

“Some convinced it may just be a virus, other theories being banded around. Of course, we were worried but always hoped that it was a viral infection.

“Within 15 minutes of Poppy waking from the MRI scan however, we were delivered the devastating news that it was in fact a brain tumour.

“I know there is a lot of talk about the NHS at the moment, but we’ve seen a different side of it.

“The staff who have been treating Poppy have been incredible. Within 24 hours of taking her to the emergency department at the QMC she was in an MRI scanner, and seven days after that she had an operation to remove part of the tumour.

They’ve saved our lives.”

Steve is a popular face on the Nottingham music scene and the community has now rallied around the family after hearing of the news.

A gig is being held at Southbank City on Sunday, which will also include a raffle with prizes from some of Nottingham’s biggest musical names.

Julie Haywood started the fundraising for the McGill family after Steve played at a similar event for her son, Liam Doherty, who died of leukaemia aged just eight.

The 52-year-old, of Arnold, said: “When we were doing fundraisers for Liam, Steve was always the first person to say he would do it and give up his time to help, so I thought it was time we helped him.

“I know what it is like to struggle when something like this happens so I wanted to do something to help.

“It’s a challenging experience, but people are getting behind the family to show that they are there for them.”


Concealed fake dollar worth $20m found by Kenyan police.



The Criminal Investigation body in Kenya has disclosed that they have five personnel in custody following to the fake dollar worth  $20m (£15m).


Two source familiar with the situation states that, the fake dollars was found in Barclays Bank, Nairobi. alleged to be owned by an investor, although further investigation is still on progress.



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Apple to lunch iPad Air and Mini support eSIMs



Apple has reveal her plans to add eSIM support on their latest iPad brands, also stating that the new entries will be able to work even on the networks of non-partner carriers.

The new innovation, will see no restriction on users when swapping data plan on a region that does not have full internet access. i.e, No need to swap out physical SIM cards.

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However, Apple has detailed that iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR can also work with eSIM options, though they’ll have to be unlocked if you want to use two different carriers.



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