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Atiku son-in-law and lawyer has been arrested by EFCC.



Nigeria’s main opposition chief, Atiku Abubakar, has alleged political persecution about a week after he lost presidential elections.

The former vice president took to Twitter to decry arrest of two allies, his son-in-law and lawyer. He said the two had been arrested because: “They are paying the price for supporting me.”

Local media reported that the duo were being held by the anti-graft body, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC. The EFCC has yet to comment on the issue.

According to The Cable news portal, EFCC officials on Saturday arrested Atiku’s in-law Babalele Abdullahi, who serves as finance director of Atiku’s group of companies.

The operatives were said to have searched his residence as well as his office before arresting him. Days to the February 23 polls, Atiku’s lawyer Uyiekpen Giwa-Osagie was also picked by the anti-graft agency for alleged money laundering.


Atiku has rejected the outcome of the elections despite losing by close to four million votes to incumbent Muhammadu Buhari. Over the weekend, he announced a legal team set to challenge the results in court.

Atiku was an ally of Buhari in the then opposition coalition that defeated incumbent Goodluck Jonathan in 2015. He left the All Progressives Congress, APC, and rejoined the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and won the bid to represent it in the polls.


His previous record in the PDP was when he served as vice president for eight years under the first PDP president Olusegun Obasanjo. Atiku has since 2007 eyed the presidency but failed at each turn.



24 Hours Across Africa

Rwanda ban Burundi,s music star ahead of annual festival



Burundian musician Jean Pierre Nimbona, popularly known as Kidum, has told the BBC he is confused by Rwanda’s decision to ban him from playing at the upcoming Kigali Jazz Fusion festival.

Kidum is one of Burundi’s biggest music stars and has performed in Rwanda for the past 16 years.

But a police official phoned the musician’s manager to warn that he would only be allowed to make private visits to Rwanda.

“[My manager was told] Kidum is not supposed to perform, tell him to leave. If he comes for private visits fine, but no performances,” the musician told BBC’s Focus on Africa radio programme.

The mayor of Rwanda’s capital said that in this instance permission had not been sought from the authorities for him to perform at the festival in Kigali.

Kidum was a leading peace activist during Burundi’s civil war between 1993 and 2003 and used his songs to call for reconciliation.

The 44-year-old musician said he had never had problems with Rwandan authorities until recently when three of his shows were cancelled at the last minute – including one in December 2018.

That month Burundi had banned Meddy, a musician who is half-Burundian, half-Rwandan, from performing in the main city of Bujumbura.

Kidum said he was unsure if the diplomatic tensions between Burundi and Rwanda had influenced his ban.

“I don’t know, I don’t have any evidence about that. And if there was politics, I’m not a player in politics, I’m just a freelance musician based in Nairobi,” he said.

He said he would not challenge the ban: “There’s nothing I can do, I just wait until maybe the decision is changed some day.

“It’s similar to a family house and you are denied entry… so you just have to wait maybe until the head of the family decides otherwise.”

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Zimbawe’s doctor goes missing after masterminding strike



Fearless Zimbabwe’s minister of health has called on the government to address insecurity lapses that has lead to the disappearance Peter Magombeyi, the head of a doctor’s union, who disappeared on Saturday.

Fears are rising over the fate of Zimbabwe medical doctor Dr Peter Magombeyi after he sent a message to say he had been abducted in that country by unknown persons – apparently for demanding a “living wage”.

An AFP report earlier on Sunday quoted the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctor’s Association (ZHDA) as saying Magombeyi had not been heard from since he sent a WhatsApp message on Saturday night saying he had been “kidnapped by three men”.

Zimbabwe doctors, who earn a miserly equivalent of about R3 000 are on strike to press for better wages, equipment and medicines in state hospitals.

The ZHDA has reportedly accused state security forces of abducting the doctor because of his role in organising work stoppages.

This week some doctors said the death of deposed Robert Mugabe, 95, in a Singapore hospital on 6 September was an indication of how bad health services in Zimbabwe

“Dr Magombeyi’s crime is only to ask for a living wage for his profession. This is a reflection of the troubles born out of refusal to implement Political Reforms.”

The Zimbabwe government led by Emmerson Mnangagwa has not publicly commented on the doctor’s disappearance

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