Human factor: The woman behind Tiger Woods comeback

The case of Tiger Woods, a man who did not only loose a home and love (Elin Nordegren), but also lost belongings to the broken marriage, spend 45 days in a clinic for sex addiction took to drinking, had surgery four times in four years, became addicted to a drug that was predicted during treatment of the back surgery, arrested for scandals is a situation that tells you that “the downfall of a man is not the end of his life.”

He even became a write-off by all that loved and trusted him, slipped out of the world’s first 1100 Golfers by rating, but unexpectedly staged a come-back after eleven (11) years major drought at the Masters, win a fifth Masters “Green Jacket” with 15th major title and got back to number 6 in the world establishes the fact that “it is not over until it is over”

Behind such man however, there is always a force, both divine and human force each with their different functions. Apart from the divine force behind the Rave of the moment, Tiger Woods, Erica Herman is being hailed as Tiger Woods’ ‘saviour’ after the golfing great broke an 11-year major drought.

Woods’ return to the top of his game has coincided with a much settled period in his personal life, though Herman works in the restaurant industry and formerly managed Woods’ pop-up eatery, The Woods, in Florida but have been dating since late 2017, first seen together as a couple at that year’s Presidents Cup.

She was at the Tour Championship to celebrate Woods’ first PGA Tour win for five years in September and celebrated the end of another drought in Augusta on Sunday, having been in attendance for the duration of the tournament.

“After 11 years without a major title, the couple’s public kiss cemented Erica as troubled Tiger’s saviour.”

Many believe he’s got Herman to thank.


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