Chief Justice Of Nigeria Spotted in London Disguised as a Physically-Challenged Old Man Ahead of Secret Meeting with Tinubu

Chief Justice Of Nigeria Spotted in London Disguised as a Physically-Challenged Old Man Ahead of Secret Meeting with Tinubu

In a surprising turn of events, Chief Justice of Nigeria, Olukayode Ariwoola has reportedly been spotted in London disguised as a physically-challenged old man. According to sources within the Supreme Court, the CJN’s trip to London was a clandestine preparation for a meeting with Nigeria’s president-elect, Bola Tinubu. This revelation was exposed as Mr. Tinubu arrived in London for what his team claimed was a relaxation trip after a hectic campaign that preceded his declaration as Nigeria’s president-elect last month.

It has been learned that Chief Justice of Nigeria departed Nigeria on March 11 via Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja. He was pushed in a wheelchair through the terminals to board a British Airways flight, our sources said. Upon arrival in London, Mr. Ariwoola was wheeled into a hotel downtown where he has remained ever since. However, immediately after checking into the hotel, Mr. Ariwoola abandoned his wheelchair and started moving around the facility unaided.

It is worth noting that the Supreme Court head is not known to have any physical disabilities. “He has been moving about in the hotel without any wheelchair,” a source familiar with the CJN’s activities at the London accommodation told The Gazette. “He was standing on his own in the elevator just yesterday.” The Gazette has also learned that Mr. Ariwoola repeatedly picked up food ordered via delivery services at a mid-level lobby, including Uber Eats and Deliveroo. It was unclear whether or not he placed the orders by himself or how he paid.

With Mr. Tinubu now in Europe, he is reportedly set to meet with Mr. Ariwoola in a secret arrangement to discuss issues unknown to Nigerians, according to our sources. “The CJN deliberately left the country more than a week ahead of Tinubu to avoid any suspicion about why both of them disappeared at once,” a source familiar with the matter said. “That is why he travelled secretly, and Tinubu also travelled secretly.”

This revelation raises many questions about the motives behind this clandestine meeting between the CJN and the president-elect. Nigerians will undoubtedly be keen to know what issues they will be discussing and why such a meeting must be shrouded in secrecy. Many will also be concerned about the CJN’s conduct and deception in this matter, as well as the implications for the independence and integrity of the judiciary.

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