Don Jazzy Advises Artists to Learn from Davido’s Marketing Strategy

Don Jazzy Advises Artists to Learn from Davido's Marketing Strategy

In a recent tweet, the popular music producer Don Jazzy has shared his thoughts on how artists can learn from Davido’s marketing strategy when promoting their music projects. As the head of Marvin Records, Don Jazzy has observed how the music industry has evolved and the importance of effective promotion in the success of an album.

According to Don Jazzy, Davido’s recent album release serves as a great example of how artists should approach marketing their music. Despite being a well-known artist with a large fan base, Davido did not assume that his album would sell itself. Instead, he put in the effort to promote his project and make sure that his fans were aware of its release.

Don Jazzy emphasized the importance of not feeling complacent and assuming that one’s reputation alone is enough to sell an album. Instead, he urged artists to follow Davido’s example by putting in the necessary marketing efforts to ensure the success of their projects. Don Jazzy believes that this approach won’t diminish an artist’s reputation, but rather enhance it by showing their dedication and commitment to their craft.

Davido’s recently released album titled ‘Timeless’ is a testament to his marketing efforts. The album features 17 tracks with collaborations from various artists including Asake, Fave, Focalistic, Angelique Kidjo, and Skepta, among others. The tracks in the album include ‘Over Dem’, ‘In the Garden, ‘Godfather,’ ‘Feel,’ ‘Unavailable’, ‘Kante’, ‘Bop’, ‘E Pain Me’, ‘Away,’ ‘Precision’, and ‘Na Money.’ With such a wide range of artists and tracks, Davido’s album has been able to appeal to a diverse audience.

In conclusion, Don Jazzy’s advice to artists is to learn from Davido’s marketing strategy and put in the necessary effort to promote their projects. By doing so, they can increase their chances of success and enhance their reputation in the music industry. Davido’s album serves as a great example of how effective marketing can help an artist achieve their goals and reach a wider audience.

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