How to save and invest with PiggyVest and get huge returns

How to save and invest with PiggyVest and get huge retunes

How to save and invest with PiggyVest and get huge retunes

In those days the use of piggybank or kolo was what many of us to save our money, but as science and technology have improved along with saving and investment. One of the improved ways of saving and investing is PiggyVest.

In this way, I present How to save and invest with PiggyVest and get huge retunes.
Saving and investing is an important aspect any person who thinks of the future will engage in. In those days the use of kolo or Esusu to save money required discipline as emergency fund might come which will require the person to break the time period of saving his or her money or the person might be tempted to spend the money unnecessary.

PiggyVest provides you with the option to save your money in a strictly locked day to be released on your set date. It also provides you with the option to save either daily, weekly or on your desired day and amount. You can also join other people to save money on a fixed amount it could be towards the year ending or in a 5 month period.

In today’s world we have financial institutions such as the bank, fintech companies, and other saving and investing opportunities that can help you save your money toward setten goals it could be to start a business, pay for school fees, pay for house rents, travel abroad or something else, PiggyVest provides you with all these options and many more.

And fast forward to this present age you don’t need to be there physically to save and invest your money. They are online saving and investment opportunities that you can do comfortably online right now either with your Smartphone or laptop without being physically there. PiggyVest is a saving and investing app that gives you such advantages to save your money and also invest your money on profitable platform with added interest and bonus.

How to save and invest with PiggyVest and get huge retunes

What is Piggyvest?

PiggyVest is a registered online and App saving and investment platform. Founden by co founders Joshua Chibueze, Odunayo Eweniyi, and Somto Ifezue. Launched in 2016 formally known as piggybank.ng. PiggyVest is the first saving and investing platform in West Africa.

However piggybank.ng launched only as a saving platform in 2016 when it was known by its formal name Piggybank.ng, as at April 2019 they rebranded to PiggyVest making saving and investing accessible to its users.

Many people are asking is piggyvest legit piggyvest is legit and approved by the CBN.

Adding investment to its features, PiggyVest has been associated with different banks in West Africa making saving and investing with PiggyVest secure, available and easy for its users.

What does PiggyVest do?

PiggyVest helps its, users, to save their money and invest through the easiest method. What this means is that with PiggyVest you can save your money in form of daily contribution either daily, weekly or at your desired time with your own fixed price, it could be 500 naira daily or more or less while still having the option to redraw your money at your fixed time.

Simply if you want to save money for projects, business, school fees, to travel abroad or any others thing and you are not sure you can save it on your own without spending it. PiggyVest would help you do that while giving you interest, bonuses while you save your money.

While in the investment platform PiggyVest gives you the opportunity to invest your money in Profitable platforms like farming, fishing, transportation and so on. With a starting of 5000 naira after the investment duration, you would be given back Your money along with 25% interest. While giving you the option of not Only saving but getting more than you save with their investment platform and you can also go for the mature plan for bigger interests.

How to create an account and register on PiggyVest

How to save and invest with PiggyVest

Step 1: Visit the PiggyVest official website https://www.piggyvest.com on your phone or PC.

Step 2: once on the home page, click on the create free account button.

Step 3: After that, you will be redirected to a form where you are required to fill in your details such as your full name, email address, phone number, and password. Click on the create account button when done. Take note of your email and password as it will be used regularly when using the app.

Step 4: Download the PiggyVest App, to download the PiggyVest App on playstore click here, if you are using an iPhone click here to download it on the App store.

Step 5: Login in to your PiggyVest account, click on the login option and type your phone number or email used in creating your PiggyVest account and type in your password in the next text box. Then click on the Login button.

Do I need to give my BVN to PiggyVest?

Yes, to begin investing and saving your money on PiggyVest you are required to give your BVN details reason being that with your BVN PiggyVest would be able to carry out a smooth transaction of the money you save to your bank account and also make saving faster and easier. Note that PiggyVest would also require you to give your bank account details.

What Licence does PiggyVest have?

PiggyVest is licenced by the NDIC and CBN to ensure security to all the funds deposited on the PiggyVest account.

Can PiggyVest be trusted?

PiggyVest can be trusted as it has helped millions of Nigerians gain wealth through saving and investing.

Is PiggyVest approved by CBN?

PiggyVest is approved by the CBN as a matter of fact PiggyVest is seen as a microfinance bank to help Nigerians save and invest.

Is PiggyVest approved by NDIC?

PiggyVest is approved by NDIC, and have been recognized as a major fin Tech app in Nigeria and one of the First saving and investing platform in West Africa.

Can I use PiggyVest without BVN?

No, you can’t use PiggyVest without BVN, you are only required to give your BVN details once after that you wouldn’t be asked again. Every individual who has benefited From the PiggyVest platform have given their BVN details when registering.

How to verify your BVN on PiggyVest

To verify your BVN
Step 1:Select “My account” This option is located at the end of the page.
Step 2: Select My BVN setting
Step 3: Add your BVN number “11 digits” and verify it.
Step 4: PiggyVest would verify the BVN either by calling the number associated with it or through text message.
Step 5: Save your BVN, type in your password and select Save BVN.

Now that you have learned more about PiggyVest let drive into How to save and invest with PiggyVest and get huge retunes:

Saving on PiggyVest means you want to save setten amount of money in your account either daily, weekly, monthly, or on your custom day. Without using it until the desired period.

This can be a short, medium or long time saving. After you can redraw your money directly to your bank account and use it to your need. Bonuses and interest are added to the money you save on PiggyVest depending on your duration and saving option.

While investing on the other hand on PiggyVest means you want to invest your money into the investment platform provided by PiggyVest. After investing large interest would be paid to you alongside with your money when you want to redraw it.

You can both save and invest with PiggyVest, it is important to note that you must have saved some amount of money on PiggyVest account before you can start investing.

How to save on PiggyVest

To save on PiggyVest after logging in to your account. You will need to connect your bank account to your PiggyVest account. So that you can have the autosave option available which is you can set an amount you want to be credited to your PiggyVest account at a particular day or time. PiggyVest has a lot of saving option this option include:

1. Quick Save

This feature enable to save money on PiggyVest manually. This means that you type in how much you want to deposit to your Piggyvest account. PiggyVest quick save enable you to save money for as low 50 naira at a your desired time and as you want.

With the quick save any amount you want daily or weekly, you can also set a desired day for saving. You can desired to save 500 naira daily to your PiggyVest account manually.

2. AutoSave

The Autosave option enables you to save your money automatically once you have linked your bank account details. This option help you to do either daily saying or weekly without doing it manually.
It can be done automatically once the feature is enabled. You can save your money to your PiggyVest or piggybank with just a tap and the rest day are automatic. This is good if you are interested in doing daily, or weekly saving. No amount is too small in PiggyVest.

3. SafeLock

What better way to save your money and only redraw it at a particular fixed day if not safe lock. With safelock you have the feature to save money directly to your safe lock account without redrawing it at your set date. Although you can. Break the rules but this will require PiggyVest to charge you. The longer your money stay in safelock the bigger the interest increase.

4. Target Saving

Treat saving enable to save for setten interest or goal along side with the option to save with other people or on your own with a fixed day to meet the target amount you want the save and the day you want to redraw. By meeting your target Amount you will be given interest and can redraw your money without any charges.

5. Flex dollar

Flex dollar is a PiggyVest feature that allows you to save your money in dollars and also redraw them. With flex dollar you have the option of saving your naira without any inflammation. You can also redraw your flex dollar in to your dormitory Bank account.

6. Flex naira

This is a saving wallet that saves of your interest from saving or performing one activity or the other on PiggyVest. You are given 8 per cent interest per year on the interest you save.

7. PiggyBank

PiggyBank enable you to save money to your PiggyVest account either manually or atomatically from your bank account. You can also deposit money through your unique account in any POS machine or bank account.
PiggyBank allows you to redraw your money 3 times a month and after you would be required to pay setten fee. Also redrawer free days are also available. The purpose of PiggyVest is to encourage saving and investing among it users.

How to invest on PiggyVest

How to save and invest with PiggyVest

PiggyVest provides a platform where you can invest setten amount of money and get your money back along with your interest and bonuses at setten date. This platform is called investify.

investify provide you with the option to invest in Profitable sectors such as farming, agriculture, cattle farming, transportation, crypto currency and so on. With 5 thousand naira you can start investing with PiggyVest and Also you also go into their mature plan where you invest a bigger amount of money.

Frequently asked questions about PiggyVest

How do I delete my PiggyVest account?

If you find that you no longer want to use PiggyVest you can contact PiggyVest support on their official website or mobile app make sure you are Login to contact them and send the your request to delete your PiggyVest account.

Can I have 2 PiggyVest accounts?

No, you can’t have 2 PiggyVest account. Running two multiple accounts on PiggyVest is not possible because to use PiggyVest you need to make use of your BVN. Which PiggyVest only allow one user to one BVN.

How much interest does PiggyVest give?

The saving and investing platform available on PiggyVest gives 10% to 13% interest and can even go more. Depending on your commitment to saving and investing.

Why Choose PiggyVest over your usual Bank?

They are many reasons you should choose PiggyVest over your usual Bank account.
1. PiggyVest provide you with more discipline in saving, your usual Bank gives you access to save and redraw which is good but how many times have you actually saved? You may have a savings account but you found out that you keep spending your money unnecessarily. PiggyVest helps you improve your saving, which features like safelock and likes if others.

2. PiggyVest gives you higher and guaranteed interest, PiggyVest pays you interest of 6 to 15% while saving and more than 25% on investment. While bank pays you a maximum of 4% while still charging on ATM and alert usage.

3. PiggyVest gives you no charges such as maintenance fees, transaction fees and so on.

4 PiggyVest gives you access to save towards a goal and interest. Alongside you can join others to save and get motivated as they save towards similar goes.

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