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Jamie Canhead Keeton has a super ability



Canhead, aka Jamie Keeton, 48, of Kenosha, is a “has a super ability” who doesn’t mind sharing his ability with anyone who asks to see it.

Keeton can place anything with a solid, smooth surface on his head and hands and have it stick.

According to Keeton, the pores on his skin draw more air than regular pores and act as suction cups.

Keeton holds the Guinness world record for the number of cans stuck to one’s head, which is eight, and has turned his “super power” into a brand and business.

Q. What kind of things can you stick to your body?

A. I can stick cellphones to my body, a gallon of water, glass bottles. Glass, plastic and aluminum are the things I stick to me the most because they’re not magnetic. If I used glue, I’d have lot of scars from ripping things off.

Q. When did you realize that you had this ability?


A. At 7 years old things started sticking to me. My parents thought it was pine sap from climbing trees. I shaved my head when I was in my 20s, and I went to a ball game. It was real hot that day. I had a can of pop and was trying to cool my head down. All of a sudden they hit a home run, and I went up to grab it, missed the ball, and I was like, “Where’s my drink?” Everyone started laughing. Unbeknownst to me, whenever I (turned my head), my drink would fly out of the can. It took us almost five minutes to pull it off.

Q. What exactly is your ability, and is there anything else connected to it?

A. My doctor told me that I’m one of four people in the world. My skin pores suck in oxygen. Because of that, it generates body heat, which makes my body temperature stay at 100 degrees mostly all the time. It gave me extraordinary powers. I can squat almost 1,200 pounds 30 times straight. I can bench press 500 pounds 15 times straight. I got a third-degree burn, and it healed in a week and a half. I heal faster, and I don’t age like everyone else.

Q. When did you take your ability public?

A. At first I was nervous talking around people. I would do little things. Just going into a bar and friends would ask to do the thing I do. I went bigger and bigger. Finally I went to a Red Bull Flugtag, and a friend told me to put cans on my head. I did it, and all of a sudden the executives there asked if I would take pictures with the celebrities and the winners of the event. I said, “I don’t know.” Then they said, “We’ll pay you.” I went, “OK.” Since then I thought, “Wow, I can get paid to do this, to wear people’s stuff.”

Q. What television shows have you appeared on?

A. I’ve appeared on Ellen, Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon, James Corden. I’ve been on “Outrageous Acts of Science.” I’ve been on “20/20,” CNN, ABC News, TMZ. That’s the crazy part; when I go out to Las Angeles, TMZ follows me. The game show “To Tell the Truth,” we already filmed it. It’s going to be airing this month on ABC.


Q. How did you get into the Guinness Book of World Records?

A. That’s a funny story. I’m at a bar with one of my friends and kept getting this message from China. They said they were hosting the Guinness World Records and would like to know if I’d be interested in coming. I was like, “Yeah.” I found out they (China) was going to pay for me to be there.

Q. If someone out there discovers they have a talent or a “super power,” what advice would you give?

A. When I first started I didn’t want to be considered a freak. What really helped me

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List of Names for Groups of Animals



List of Names for Groups of Animals are an interesting discovery for anyone looking to take their  grasp of English  a notch higher. Collective names for groups of animals are said to date back to medieval times, which may explain why some of these names can be strange, surprising or downright funny to us, such as an unkindness of ravens. In the spirit of the fanciful language used by our ancestors, more modern terms for animal groups can have a fun twist, like a crash of rhinoceroses.
List of Names for Groups of Animals

Whether it is a group of mammals, birds or even insects, there is a unique collective noun to identify the specific group, although some of these names are rarely used. Most people are likely to use the general term flock for a group of eagles, rather than the proper term convocation. Still, it’s good to know the correct collective noun, even if it’s just to wow your friends.

Collective Names for Animals

We’ve gathered together a list of 60 groups of animals and their collective nouns – some animal groups can have more than one collective noun – that you may or may not have heard of. Whenever animals gather in groups, they are formally called:

  • Apes: a shrewdness
  • Badgers: a cete
  • Bats: a colony, cloud or camp
  • Bears: a sloth or sleuth
  • Bees: a swarm
  • Buffalo: a gang or obstinacy
  • Camels: a caravan
  • Cats: a clowder or glaring; Kittens: a litter or kindle; Wild cats: a destruction
  • Cobras: a quiver
  • Crocodiles: a bask
  • Crows: a murder
  • Dogs: a pack; Puppies: a litter
  • Donkeys: a drove
  • Eagles: a convocation
  • Elephants: a parade
  • Elk: a gang or a herd
  • Falcons: a cast
  • Ferrets: a business
  • Fish: a school
  • Flamingos: a stand
  • Foxes: a skulk or leash
  • Frogs: an army
  • Geese: a gaggle
  • Giraffes: a tower
  • Gorillas: a band
  • Hippopotami: a bloat
  • Hyenas: a cackle
  • Jaguars: a shadow
  • Jellyfish: a smack
  • Kangaroos: a troop or mob
  • Lemurs: a conspiracy
  • Leopards: a leap
  • Lions: a pride
  • Moles: a labor
  • Monkeys: a barrel or troop
  • Mules: a pack
  • Otters: a family
  • Oxen: a team or yoke
  • Owls: a parliament
  • Parrots: a pandemonium
  • Pigs: a drift or drove (younger pigs), or a sounder or team (older pigs)
  • Porcupines: a prickle
  • Rabbits: a herd
  • Rats: a colony
  • Ravens: an unkindness
  • Rhinoceroses: a crash
  • Shark: a shiver
  • Skunk: a stench
  • Snakes: a nest
  • Squirrels: a dray or scurry
  • Stingrays: a fever
  • Swans: a bevy or game (if in flight: a wedge)
  • Tigers: an ambush or streak
  • Toads: a knot
  • Turkeys: a gang or rafter
  • Turtles: a bale or nest
  • Weasels: a colony, gang or pack
  • Whales: a pod, school, or gam
  • Wolves: a pack
  • Zebras: a zeal

To expand your vocabulary even more, YourDictionary can help you learn some animal names in Spanish.

Animal Names Can Highlight Traits

Not only is it fun to say certain names for groups of animals, but it is interesting as well. The collective names given to groups of animals can be as unique as the animals themselves and highlight certain traits of that group. Remember that, and when you think of a group of skunks the word stench should immediately come to mind.

Our list is by no means exhaustive, so please share more collective nouns for groups of animals in the comments below.

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Jason Momoa And Wife Lisa Bonet Announce Separation After 4 Years Of Marriage



Hollywood star Jason Momoa and wife Lisa Bonet have parted ways after 4 years of marriage and 16 years of relationship. The couple shared the sad news via the actor’s Instagram account. In their joint statement, the couple said there is a revolution that is unfolding and their family is no exception.

Jason Momoa And Wife Lisa Bonet Announce Separation After 4 Years Of Marriage

They noted that they will go about their lives with dignity and honesty. They shared that they are freeing each other so they can both be what they need to become and they will give unwavering love and support to their children teaching them love and prayer.


Jason Momoa And Wife Lisa Bonet Announce Separation After 4 Years Of MarriageThe couple met in 2005 and have two kids – a son and a daughter. Their oldest is daughter Lola Lolani Momoa, 14, and youngest is son Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa, 13.

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California twins born in different years. LOL



Aylin Trujillo, a healthy baby girl from Greenfield, weighing 5 pounds and 14 ounces, was the first baby born in the new year in Monterey County.

Aylin arrived 15 minutes after her brother Alfredo, who was born on Dec. 31 at 11:45 p.m., weighing 6 pounds and 1 ounce.

Their birth is special because they were born on different days, months and years.

Twins with different birthdays are rare, and some estimate the chance of twins being born in different years as one in 2 million.

The twins were born at Natividad Hospital in Salinas.

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Grammy Awards indefinitely postponed as Omicron spreads



This year’s Grammy Awards ceremony honoring top performances in music has been postponed indefinitely because of the rapid spread of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, organizers said on Wednesday.

The show had been scheduled to take place at an arena in downtown Los Angeles and broadcast live on the CBS network on Jan. 31.

Grammy Awards indefinitely postponed as Omicron spreads

“Given the uncertainty surrounding the Omicron variant, holding the show on January 31 simply contains too many risks,” CBS and the Recording Academy said in a joint statement, adding that a new date would be announced soon.

Nominations for the awards were announced in November. Pianist and bandleader Jon Batiste led a field that spanned rap to jazz music and embraced newcomers from teen pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo to veteran crooner Tony Bennett, 95, who won his first Grammy in 1963.

The 2021 Grammy awards also were postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ceremony was staged in March instead of January and included a mix of pre-recorded and live segments in front of a small, socially distanced crowd.

Organizers had hoped to return this year to something closer to the traditional celebration with a large audience inside the former Staples Center, now called Arena. Late-night television host Trevor Noah had been tapped to host the event.

CBS and the Recording Academy said they consulted local officials, health experts and artists before deciding to scrap the January date.

Grammy Awards indefinitely postponed as Omicron spreads

“The health and safety of those in our music community, the live audience and the hundreds of people who work tirelessly to produce our show remains our top priority,” they said.

Other entertainment industry events have been delayed or scaled back.


Organizers of this month’s Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, said on Tuesday they had canceled in-person events and would move them online.

The Critics Choice Awards, which had been set for this Sunday, have been postponed with no new date scheduled.

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