5 Reasons the PS3 Still Offers a Great Gaming Experience

5 Reasons the PS3 Still Offers a Great Gaming Experience

The PS3 was a prominent gaming console that saw plenty of popularity in its heyday. With the PS5 and Xbox Series X leading the way for modern gaming, the PS3 has been considered a relic of the past.

Outdated technology and performance that is not up to par with today’s standards, your PS3 is most probably lying somewhere, gathering dust. Despite all of this, the console is still capable of a lot of feats and can offer a great gaming experience. Here’s why we think the PS3 still has some gas in the tank.

1. The PS3 Still Offers Solid Gaming

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There’s a lot of gaming to be had on the PS3. With its enormous collection of games, you’re sure to find something interesting to play. If you are someone who enjoys solo play, then there are countless RPGs for you. With the release of the PS4, Sony introduced PlayStation Plus, a paid service for online play.

This has continued to the PS5, but for the PS3, multiplayer is free. This has led to games such as GTA V, Red Dead Redemption, and Call of Duty: Ghosts still having rampant user bases. The Demon Souls community has created their own private multiplayer for playing co-op together.

PS3 CDs have become very cheap to buy, so there is no trouble in being unable to obtain a game. While some more exclusive titles may still be expensive, finding used copies is more than easy. There’s plenty of solo and online play to be had on this console.

2. PS3 Has Backwards Compatibility With PS1 Games

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Ever wanted to revisit some PS1 classics? The PS3 offers backward compatibility for all PS1 games, provided you have the disc. The PS3 allows you to relive your nostalgia but with modern controls and HD graphics. You can opt for a more comfortable controller and play the games easily on a large screen.

There are countless gems from the PS1 generation waiting to be played, games that have influenced and inspired the titles we love today. The PS3 is a fantastic way to experience the PS1 era, whether you are simply interested in PS1 games or want to relive your childhood.

3. A Library of Exclusive PS3 Games to Go Through

Everyone loves it when remasters get announced. They are a gateway for the newer generations to experience some amazing games and allow you to revisit your beloved series in a new light. Despite the countless remasters that are being announced, there are myriad of games that will probably never see a remaster.

This can be due to them being niche games that won’t attract a large audience, licensing issues, or simply being too expensive and time-consuming to remaster. There are countless PS3 exclusives that are innovative and fun to play that you can only be access through the original device.

4. PS Now Doesn’t Have It All


PS Now has been a great step towards game accessibility. The service allows you to stream PS2, PS3, and PS4 games on your console. Sony does not include PS1 games in the service, making the PS3 the only option to play the games in a modern environment apart from emulation.

As for PS3 titles, while Sony has taken great strides in making a lot of the titles accessible, there are still a lot of popular games unavailable, such as the Metal Gear franchise.

Fans of JRPGs will find very few games available on PS Now despite them being very successful releases. The prominent Tales series that released its latest installment, Tales of Arise, has none of its PS3 titles remastered or on PS Now. We still consider the PS3 to be the only way to play some of these games.

5. PS3 Is Still a Great Multimedia Device

The PS3 was released 15 years ago and has been cemented as a retro console. However, unlike most retro consoles, which you can only use to play games in some cases, the PS3 still offers an array of multimedia features.

With a Blu-ray disc player, it is a convenient way to watch movies and you can use streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu on it. A wide variety of apps and platforms, such as YouTube, are available on the PS3. You can get a lot of usage out of it as a media device.

PS3: A Gateway to a Good Time

With gaming technology evolving rapidly, it can be easy to fall into the trap of believing you needed the latest consoles or a high-end PC to experience gaming how it’s meant to be. People argue over FPS and performance benchmarks, but at the end of the day, it’s all about enjoying yourself. The PS3 has a lot to offer and can be a gateway to some great experiences.

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