Kenya: Catholic Priest Joseph Kariuki Mysteriously Passes Away Following Overnight Hotel Stay with Female Companion

Catholic Priest Joseph Kariuki Mysteriously Passes Away Following Overnight Hotel Stay with Female Companion

In an alarming series of events that have gripped Nairobi, detectives from the city have reportedly initiated an investigation into the puzzling death of a prominent Catholic priest. The deceased, known as Joseph Kariuki Wanjiku, met his unfortunate demise just hours after checking into a hotel with his girlfriend. This incident has led to a string of questions, the answers to which are yet to unfold.

Joseph Kariuki Wanjiku, a 43-year-old dignitary of the Catholic church from St. Peters Ruai, is a key figure in this unfolding mystery. In the bustling heart of Nairobi, he had decided to spend time at the Monalisa Hotel Delview in Gatanga, accompanied by a 32-year-old female companion. The date was Friday, July 8, 2023, a day that would regrettably turn out to be his last.

As per a report issued by the local police, the priest, who had been seemingly healthy, began to suffer from sudden bouts of dizziness. Alarmed by the unexpected turn of events, his girlfriend quickly sought assistance from the hotel management. In response, they hastened to transport him to the nearest medical facility – the Kenol Hospital in Murang’a. Tragically, despite their prompt efforts, Wanjiku was declared deceased upon arrival at the hospital.

The sudden, unforeseen death of the Catholic Priest has stirred up a flurry of suspicions and questions, thereby prompting the city’s detectives to delve into an in-depth investigation. They are working tirelessly to decipher the circumstances that led to his untimely demise, leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of truth.

The police report, shedding light on the incident, read in part, “One Joseph Kariuki Wanjiku aged 43 years old, a Catholic priest at the Archdiocese of Nairobi and a farmer at Mangu area checked in at the said hotel together with his girlfriend who also happens to be his colleague at the workplace in Ruai.”

The report further narrated the tragic event on the fateful Saturday morning around 0800hrs, stating, “The priest’s girlfriend notified the hotel management that the boyfriend was dizzy and getting unconscious so that they could rush him to the hospital. They then rushed him to Kenol Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.”

This incident has sent shockwaves across the Catholic community in Nairobi and beyond. As the detectives continue to unravel the facts surrounding the death of the respected Catholic priest, the public awaits answers, hoping for justice and truth to prevail in the face of this tragic event.

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