Lagos transport boss, MC Oluomo, bans illegal agbero taxes and reduces fees for commercial drivers

Lagos transport boss, MC Oluomo, bans illegal agbero taxes and reduces fees for commercial drivers

The Chairman of the Lagos State Parks and Garages Association, Musiliu Akinsaya, also known as MC Oluomo, has taken a bold step to resolve the conflict between commercial drivers and highway tax collectors in Lagos state. The collectors, known as agberos, have been extorting drivers for years, causing unrest and dissatisfaction in the state.

To address the issue, MC Oluomo has banned the collection of illegal taxes levied by agberos in some parts of the state. He recently held a meeting with commercial drivers and stated that no driver from Oshodi to Tollgate must be compelled to pay illegal agbero taxes anymore. Instead, they are only to buy two tickets in a day, after which they will not pay anything aside from loading fees. The normal ticket sold and approved by the Lagos State Park Management is just N800.

MC Oluomo also made it clear that the extra taxes imposed at Iyana Ipaja and Agbado Ijaiye were no longer valid. Drivers can either buy their daily tickets in Oshodi or Tollgate, and either will be recognized. Additionally, drivers will no longer pay for tickets on Saturdays and Sundays, according to MC Oluomo.

During the meeting, MC Oluomo also donated N1 million to those who were injured during the attack on protesting drivers, which shows his commitment to resolving the issue and supporting the drivers.

Commercial drivers are now glad as they resumed work with minimal agbero disturbances. MC Oluomo’s intervention in this conflict shows that there is still hope for positive change in the state. With his ban on illegal taxes levied by agberos, drivers can now operate freely without the fear of being extorted. It is a significant step towards a more peaceful and prosperous Lagos state.

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