LASU University Homecoming Concert Marred by Suspected Cultists: Poco Lee, Bella Shmurda Among Affected

LASU University Homecoming Concert Marred by Suspected Cultists: Poco Lee, Bella Shmurda Among Affected

On Thursday, an exciting event turned sour when suspected cultists allegedly interrupted the “Homecoming” concert of a beloved alumnus of LASU University, Pascal Odinaka, also known as Poco Lee. This shocking incident happened on the well-regarded university campus during a highly anticipated concert.

A renowned dancer and an icon in the entertainment industry, Poco Lee was hosting his homecoming concert when midway, the event was brought to a halt by hoodlums. This incident left attendees in shock and brought a swift end to what was supposed to be an evening of celebration and camaraderie among LASU students and alumni.

Eyewitness accounts and various reports online paint a grim picture of the chaos that ensued. Photos and videos shared on social media show a scene of panic, with many people sustaining injuries from the unwarranted attack. It is unclear exactly how many were injured, but the images circulating on social media platforms depict a significant number of concert-goers being hurt during the chaos.

Perhaps one of the most notable victims of this unfortunate incident was popular singer and LASU alumnus, Bella Shmurda. Known for his captivating performances and his close ties to the university, Bella Shmurda’s alleged involvement in this incident has drawn further attention to the disruption.

In the wake of the incident, Poco Lee was seen lamenting about the event in a video that has since gone viral. The visibly upset entertainer expressed his disappointment and disbelief at the turn of events, questioning how guest artists might feel about returning for future concerts. His poignant words, “What’s going on? How they [guest artists] wan take come back next time?” struck a chord with many of his fans and followers who empathized with his frustration.

Further in the video, he remarked, “It’s not making sense. The whole artists I promised you, are all here. But these guys [the hoodlums] don’t listen.” These words underscore the apparent lack of respect shown by the intruders, not just towards Poco Lee and the guest artists, but to the entire LASU community. This senseless act of violence has overshadowed the artist’s sincere intentions of providing an enjoyable evening for his fellow LASU community.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges that Lagos State University, like many educational institutions, faces in maintaining a safe and conducive environment for extracurricular activities. It is a reminder of the importance of concerted security efforts, particularly in public events with large crowds.

As investigations continue into the incident at the LASU Homecoming concert, we anticipate more details will emerge. The LASU community, its alumni, and the general public wait in anticipation for the university authorities to address this incident.

However, amidst this challenging situation, the solidarity and spirit of the LASU community remain unbroken. In the face of adversity, the students, alumni, and staff of Lagos State University continue to show that they are united in their stand against violence and disorder.

The resilience of the LASU community stands as a beacon of hope, reiterating the belief that acts of violence and intimidation will not deter their pursuit of excellence, both in academics and in their extra-curricular endeavors.

Through this unfortunate incident, LASU University has a renewed opportunity to rise, reaffirm its commitment to safety, and ensure such disruptions are prevented in the future. Their actions in the coming days will undoubtedly be closely watched by the LASU community, alumni, and the general public.

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