Nigeria President-Elect Tinubu: “My Election Was Fair and Credible”

Nigeria President-Elect Tinubu: "My Election Was Fair and Credible"

On Thursday, Bola Tinubu, Nigeria president-elect issued a statement on his plans for the future of the country. In his statement, Mr. Tinubu acknowledged that the presidential election was “fair and credible” and that he will not be confined by political considerations in assembling his government.

The former Lagos State governor, who polled 8.7 million votes to defeat 17 other candidates in the February presidential election, went beyond the notion of forming a government of national unity. Instead, he stated that he aims to form “a government of national competence.”

Mr. Tinubu emphasized that in selecting his government, he will not be weighed down by considerations extraneous to ability and performance. He added that the day for political gamesmanship is long gone and that he will assemble competent men and women and young people from across Nigeria to build a safer, more prosperous, and just Nigeria. The president-elect stated that there shall be young people, women shall be prominent, and that faith will not determine one’s place in government. Instead, character and competence will.

Mr. Tinubu’s statement comes amid a divisive 2023 electoral process that has encouraged pundits to encourage him to form a government of national unity to unite the country. However, Mr. Tinubu reiterated that the election was “fair and credible” and that other candidates have the right to challenge the outcome in court.

Despite the challenges facing Nigeria, Mr. Tinubu remains optimistic about the future of the country. He stated that the emergence of new parties and their candidates underscores the dynamic strength of Nigerian democracy. People want democracy to work, and they want to have their voices heard and interests met within it.

However, Mr. Tinubu acknowledged that what must concern Nigerians is not the growth of parties but the regrowth of old prejudices and bigotries such as ethnicity, creed, and place of origin. As a nation, and as individuals imbued with the love of God and of our fellow man, Nigerians are better than this. Mr. Tinubu emphasized that at some point, Nigeria must decide whether to be enticed by the ills of the past or be encouraged by the eminent prospect of a brighter future.

In conclusion, Nigeria president-elect statement underscores his commitment to building a better Nigeria, one that is based on merit, competence, and inclusivity. While challenges remain, Mr. Tinubu’s vision for the future of Nigeria is one that is optimistic, forward-thinking, and inclusive. As Nigerians look to the future, Mr. Tinubu’s statement provides a glimpse into what lies ahead and how the president-elect plans to lead the country into a brighter tomorrow.


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