Nigerian Senate Urges Federal Government to Extradite IPOB Leader Simon Ekpa from Finland, Condemns Sit-at-Home Orders

Nigerian Senate Urges Federal Government to Extradite IPOB Leader Simon Ekpa from Finland, Condemns Sit-at-Home Orders

The Nigerian Senate has issued an official call on the Federal Government (FG) to seek the extradition of Simon Ekpa, a factional leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), from Finland. The request was made during a recent plenary session at the National Assembly in Abuja, the nation’s capital.

Simon Ekpa, a prominent figure in the pro-Biafran agitation and renowned for his impassioned rhetoric, currently resides in Finland. The Senate’s plea for his extradition comes as a part of a larger conversation on national security and the ongoing civil unrest in the South-Eastern region of Nigeria.

In the same session, the Senate strongly denounced the persistent sit-at-home orders observed across the South-East states every Monday. The demonstration has become a significant cause of concern due to the considerable impact it has on the economic and social lives of the residents in these states.

In its resolutions, the Senate has called upon the FG to not only collaborate with the Finnish Government for Ekpa’s extradition but also to ensure his prosecution. This move signifies the seriousness of the Senate towards addressing the brewing unrest in the region and putting a halt to the activities of pro-Biafran agitators.

In line with this, the Senate also expressed its intentions to invite the Minister of Foreign Affairs (once appointed) and other relevant stakeholders. Their role will be to conduct a comprehensive investigation into this issue and identify other possible sponsors and perpetrators, who will then be brought to justice.

In related news, on Tuesday, residents of Enugu state took a stand against the ongoing Monday sit-at-home order by protesting on the streets. Their protest is a sign of support for the state’s Governor Peter Mbah, who has been pushing back against this disruptive practice.

Earlier on June 5, Governor Mbah made a decisive move to ban the sit-at-home order within his state, encouraging his constituents to go about their regular activities on Mondays and all other days. As part of this initiative, Governor Mbah also ramped up security measures around the state, promising sanctions for businesses and institutions that continue to observe the sit-at-home directive despite its ban.

As the Nigerian Senate calls for the extradition of Simon Ekpa and condemns the Monday sit-at-home orders, the socio-political situation in the South-East region of Nigeria remains tense. This developing story will be followed closely, as it will undoubtedly have significant implications for national security and the nation’s ongoing efforts to maintain peace and unity.

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