NMA Declares 3-Days Indefinite Strike As They Mourn the Loss of Dr Vwaere Diaso

NMA Declares 3-Days Indefinite Strike As They Mourn the Loss of Dr Vwaere Diaso

The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), Lagos State Chapter, has directed all doctors working in three government hospitals on Lagos Island to commence an indefinite strike in response to the tragic loss of their colleague, Dr Vwaere Diaso. The respected medical institution declared a five-day mourning period in the state, urging doctors in other government-owned hospitals to reduce activities as a tribute to the departed professional. The unexpected death of Diaso has sent waves of sorrow through the Nigerian medical community, propelling necessary action for systemic reform.

The strike action affects the General Hospital, Odan, Lagos; Lagos Island Maternity Hospital, Lagos; and the Massey Street Children’s Hospital, Lagos. These three pivotal hospitals now stand at the epicenter of the conflict as their halls are filled with silence, making a resounding statement that reverberates through the corridors of power.

The tragic incident took place at the General Hospital, Odan, Lagos, where Dr. Vwaere Diaso was trapped in a malfunctioning elevator for over 40 minutes. Despite the eventual rescue, the availability of blood for resuscitation proved non-existent, resulting in the untimely death of Diaso. This lack of essential medical supplies highlights a disturbing trend tied to recent changes in government policy regarding blood donation. A change that the NMA argues contributed to an avoidable loss of life.

The gravity of the situation was expressed in a press statement by the NMA Lagos State Chapter. State Chairman, Dr Benjamin Olowojebutu, and Secretary, Ismail Ajibowo, signed the release which lamented the heartbreaking, heart-wrenching, and quite unfortunate circumstances surrounding Diaso’s death. The duo emphasized the association’s demand for an immediate and unbiased investigation into the incident, calling for justice for the deceased and a resolution to prevent such incidents in the future.

The NMA’s statement further emphasized the long-standing complaints regarding the elevator’s condition and criticized the lack of response from relevant authorities. It alleged negligence on the part of Ms Adenike Adekambi, General Manager of the Lagos State Infrastructure Management Agency, and others, and demanded that all those found culpable face justice.

In a bold move, the NMA directed all doctors within the aforementioned hospitals to commence an indefinite strike action until the investigations are concluded and justice served. They further instructed doctors in other government hospitals to scale down activities, reserving services for emergencies only.

The NMA has also called for the urgent overhaul of the house officers’ quarters and immediate attention to other infrastructure repairs in all government hospitals. Moreover, they stressed the critical need for revamping the blood transfusion system in Lagos State.

The tragic demise of Dr Diaso has impacted the medical community deeply, leading to the decision by the State Officers Committee of the NMA, Lagos State, to hold a low-key Annual General Meeting as a mark of respect to their deceased colleague. As the Lagos State medical community reels from this loss, they hold steadfast in their determination to ensure justice, remaining hopeful for a future where no such incident recurs.

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