Obi-Datti Movement: Baba-Ahmed and ‘Obidients’ Prepared for Wole Soyinka’s Debate Challenge

Obi-Datti Movement: Baba-Ahmed and 'Obidients' Prepared for Wole Soyinka's Debate Challenge

The Obi-Datti Movement has announced that its supporters and the Labour Party (LP) Vice Presidential candidate, Datti Baba-Ahmed, are ready for the TV debate challenge issued by Nobel laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka. Speaking on Arise TV, the movement’s spokesperson, Prof Chris Nwakobia, revealed that even the least of the Obidients could take up the challenge and perform profoundly. Nwakobia confidently stated that Baba-Ahmed would be willing to participate and that Soyinka would not dare to accept the challenge.

According to Nwakobia, history is replete with facts and figures that would show that Soyinka has been wrong in siding with the alleged oppressors of the people. He further defended Baba-Ahmed’s assertion that it would be illegal to swear in Tinubu upon the fact that the APC candidate did not win one-quarter of the votes in Abuja as stipulated in the constitution. Nwakobia believes that Soyinka cannot come out for a debate with any member of the Obi-Datti Movement, and even though some of them see him as their mentor, he has goofed in his recent actions.

Nwakobia urged Soyinka to oblige the young people who are calling on him to stand and engage in a TV debate, reminding him of his own history of disobeying unjust laws. He highlighted that in 1965, Soyinka invaded a radio station with a gun and refused to announce Akintola as the winner of an election. Nwakobia believes that the 2023 presidential election would beatify the 2007 election conducted by Prof Maurice Iwu.

The Obi-Datti Movement is determined to pursue its cause in the face of electoral larceny, and Nwakobia expressed confidence that they would take their mandate back in court. With the presidential election around the corner, the Obidients and their LP Vice Presidential candidate are eager to participate in the TV debate challenge, and they await Soyinka’s response. The Obi-Datti Movement believes that their cause is just, and they are determined to stand up for what they believe in, even if it means taking on a Nobel laureate in a public debate.

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