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Political Campaign Agency in Nigeria

When it comes to strong political campaign advertising in Nigeria and across Africa, there is one brand that comes to mind.

In the world of Political campaign advertising agency and consultancy in Nigeria, Brand Envoy Africa is a name well known for the role they have consistently played. Their expertise in political campaign advertising in Nigeria has made it easy for political parties and politicians to access voters across various Local Government Areas, States or Nigeria in general.

Brand Envoy Africa’s experience in reaching electorates is next to none as their use of Artificial Intelligence tools can determine best revenue spend locations for political parties without excessive wastage. Their experience has helped place key public service officials in desired seats in other African countries such as Ghana, Kenya amongst many other countries.


With two decades worth of political campaign and consultancy campaign experience in Nigeria and across Africa, Brand Envoy Africa has been able to position itself as a key ally, creating value added offerings to campaign units. The hassles and high-pressure issues that come with campaigning can be handed over to the agency as they begin with building and monitoring the clients public profile, guide the clients campaign team throughout the entire process, provide online/mobile campaign representation, embark on offline grassroot activations and finally assist the elected in showcasing media samples of their achievements in-office.

With their dedicated and professional team coupled with Artificial Intelligence tools that have been used to secure seats for a recent presidential election case study in Africa, You are sure to have an impactful campaign. For political parties or aspirants looking to enlighten the public, hit campaign goals, persuade voters to onboard with them or simply reinforce promises they had made to their electorates, Brand Envoy Africa is your option. For candidates who simply want to grab attention from the media space and political buzz, there are P.R packages that can allow them make an impact as well without particularly breaking the bank.

When it comes to attracting the relevant voters, running last minute trigger campaigns and re-inforcing the need to have your potential voters chose you or your party, Brand Envoy Africa can help you achieve all of this. With an assembled campaign team comprising of Graphic designers, Researchers, Media experts, Data Analysts, Social Media Influencers (not celebrities), Polyglots prolific in the 3 major Nigerian Languages and Key Account Managers, your campaign is sure to fly. Speaking to the Public Relations Director of Brand Envoy Africa, Mrs Anuli, she stated that;

During the interview process, we ensured that selected candidates from top five major political parties in Nigeria were represented in our 50-man remote team to provide fair processes. Asides from the daily non-partisan team of employees who work from our office, ALL campaign teams assigned to clients do NOT know each other and passionately power on as their project team comprises of individuals who also support the party whose project they have been assigned”. This has been one of our major success stories in running campaign projects.



A) A whisper using our proprietary Artificial Intelligence tool. This helps us create a situation analysis of where the political party or aspirant currently is.

B) We understand the local government area, state or populace by sending in our team of research experts to stay in the area for a few weeks.

C)We approach all the regulatory agencies locally to align with their campaigning conditions.

D) A full SWOT analysis is conducted from where we tie this result into the feedback from our A.I tool

E) A full bespoke strategy is then created using the all the information provided.

F) We bond with your inner-circle campaign team/committee and then commence


Campaigning in the dark is long becoming a thing of the past as we have created plans that work. This is definitely the reason we are fast-becoming a political campaign agency and consulting company in Nigeria. Our SMART approach to campaigning goes beyond sending out SMS blasts, recorded audio messages on mobile, placing banners on websites etc.  From your online videos, content creation, strategy, data analysis, branded campaign websites, influencer networks and more, This will all be handled by Brand Envoy Africa.

As activities around the 2023 elections are gradually warming up. Brand Envoy Africa’s innovative Artificial Intelligence tool that has been tested across other African countries in the past few months promises to be a game changer. A strong political campaign advertising agency in Nigeria with presidential, senatorial and governorship election experience is poised to serve.

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