President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to Address the Nation on Monday July 31, 2023

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to Address the Nation on Monday July 31, 2023

The entire nation is abuzz with anticipation as President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is set to make a broadcast to the nation on Monday, July 31, 2023, at 7 pm. This significant event will mark yet another milestone in President Tinubu’s administration and is expected to cover a range of pressing national issues.

President Tinubu, who has been at the helm of Nigerian politics since his ascension to power, has consistently used national broadcasts as a platform to reach out to the citizenry directly, conveying his administration’s plans, addressing challenges, and reassuring the people of Nigeria about the future.

Television, radio stations, and other electronic media outlets across the nation have been enjoined to hook up to the network services of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and Radio Nigeria for the broadcast. This is in line with the government’s effort to ensure that the President’s address reaches as many Nigerians as possible, reaffirming the democratic commitment to an informed citizenry.

The directive was announced by Dele Alake, the Special Adviser to the President on Special Duties, Communications, and Strategy, which was issued on July 30, 2023.

There is a sense of anticipation amongst Nigerians, both at home and in the diaspora, about what President Bola Ahmed Tinubu will discuss during this broadcast. There is little doubt that the address will tackle the most pertinent issues affecting the country today.

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