Skit Maker ‘Trinity Guy’ Ordered to Remain in Prison Amidst Controversial Prank Case by Oyo State Magistrate Court, Ibadan

Skit Maker 'Trinity Guy' Ordered to Remain in Prison Amidst Controversial Prank Case by Oyo State Magistrate Court, Ibadan

As public interest in the case against popular skit maker, Abdullahi Maruff Adisa, also known as Trinity Guy, continues to intensify, the Oyo State Magistrate Court sitting in Iyaganku, Ibadan, recently ordered the internet sensation to remain in prison until August 31. The decision has generated a substantial amount of buzz in the media, with many eyes firmly trained on the unfolding drama.

In June, it was reported that the Oyo State police command had summoned Trinity Guy in connection with his controversial prank video that involved a minor. The nature of the prank and the age of the participant spurred the police action, sparking widespread debate and concern across the country.

Trinity Guy, a household name in the world of online entertainment, found himself arraigned on two-count charges that included conspiracy, sexual abuse, and exploitation. Accompanying him in this legal entanglement were Isiaka Ahmed and Rofiat, the parents of the young girl featured in the contentious prank video.

On June 26, during the initial court session, Magistrate PO Adetuyibi issued an order that Trinity Guy and the girl’s parents were to be remanded. The decision extended their confinement until July 11, keeping the case and its key players in the public eye.

The second hearing, which took place on Tuesday, saw the Magistrate further extend the remand of Trinity and the parents of the child, this time to the Agodi prison. The case’s adjournment to August 31 for further hearing underlines its complexity and the legal challenges it presents.

As we follow the course of justice in the Trinity Guy case, the spotlight on the Oyo State Magistrate Court, Iyaganku, Ibadan, grows brighter. Legal professionals, social activists, and the general public are keen to see the outcome of this case that has cast a shadow over the career of Trinity Guy and stirred up a nationwide discussion on the boundaries of online entertainment and the protection of minors.

While the legal wheels turn, the wait for the next court hearing promises a tense few weeks. As developments, in this case, continue to emerge, we’ll strive to keep you updated on the latest news surrounding Trinity Guy and his ongoing court battle in the Oyo State Magistrate Court.

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