South African Actor Sthembiso, SK Khoza Hospitalized in England Following Alleged Assault by Fiancée

South African Actor Sthembiso, SK Khoza Hospitalized in England Following Alleged Assault by Fiancée

The South African acting scene has been rocked by a shocking revelation from one of its controversial figures, Sthembiso, SK Khoza. The actor, known for his roles in several high-profile productions, has apparently been hospitalized in England after an alleged violent altercation with his fiancée, Choice Kate Mathebula.

Sthembiso Khoza, better known as “SK”, has largely remained absent from the public sphere and social media platforms for about a month. The news of this disturbing incident came to light through a now-deleted Instagram live video on Tuesday morning. The video was shot from a hospital bed, providing his fans and the public with a glimpse of his current state of health.

During the video, a visibly injured Khoza revealed: “My fiancée almost killed me. I’d like to say to the women who physically abuse men out there, I’m not keeping quiet. Choice Kate Mathebula beat me, I have injuries all over my body right now.”

With evidence of the alleged attack clear to see on his swollen upper lip, bruised neck, and lacerations on his arms and ears, SK Khoza expressed regret that his mother wasn’t present at the time of the incident. He candidly admitted, “I just wish my mama was around. If my mom was here right now, she’d be dragging that girl; she’d be saying, ‘Don’t take her, officers; I’ll handle her.'”

When a concerned follower asked about the events that led to his hospitalization, Khoza, whose hand was wrapped in a bandage, offered limited details. “I don’t know. All I know is that I almost lost my ear tonight; I almost lost my finger tonight. I have two broken knees right now. From spatula to the tin opener to a knife, now I’m lying in a hospital in England.”

He also defended himself against those suggesting he may have provoked the violence, responding to a fan’s query, “How did I wrong her? I don’t even know. Either way, even if did something or said something, do I deserve to be beaten up? Is that what you’re trying to say?”

SK Khoza, whose former fiancée Ayanda Hlongwane had accused him of abusive behavior in 2021, clarified during the live session that he was not experiencing retribution. He stated, “I’ve never touched a woman in my life and, if that was the case, I’m pretty sure that when I was going to court for my ex-fiancée, there would have been a lot of other women who would have come forward and said, ‘Yeah, he’s hit me before.’ I’ve never hit a woman in my life; I never will.”

The actor, famous for his role in “The Queen”, shared his hope that his current fiancée was detained and that he intended to press “some serious charges”. He also revealed that police were present while he was streaming live, providing assurance of official involvement in the matter.

In his call for greater awareness of male victims of domestic abuse, Khoza expressed, “I just want to set an example because we men are always scared to run to the police when we’re being abused. It’s easy for people to say ‘My husband hits me, my boyfriend hits me’, but, as men, we never go and open a case against women who hit us, and I’m just tired.”

Before ending his almost quarter-hour-long live video, SK Khoza claimed his fiancée had bipolar disorder and affirmed that he had recorded the whole incident, asserting his position as a victim who didn’t retaliate.

Details of Khoza’s presence in England – whether for professional commitments, leisure, or visiting his fiancée – remain undisclosed at this time.

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