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Kung Fu Master Sets New Record, Uses His Testicles To Pull Seven Cars. (Pictures)

A Chinese kung fu expert has demonstrated the results of his hard training by pulling a row of cars with nothing but his testicles. Ye Wei moved seven Audi cars using a rope attached to his genitals on March 30 in China’s Shandong Province. After moving the vehicles for eight metres (26ft), the 39-year-old successfully […]

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VIDEO: Meet 94-year-old Kung fu grandma in China. She The Real Dragon Mother-Kicking Fing.

Kung fu grandma is China’s new internet sensation Zhang Hexian, a 94-year-old who lives a reclusive life in rural Zhejiang is the real life dragon. The real deal. So real her grandsons better not be seen with a mobile phone. She has become China’s latest internet sensation.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=py-dv7DXP48

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