26-year-old Man breaks his penis after trying ‘unusual’ position during sex

A 26-year-old Vietnamese man had a penile fracture after trying an unusual position in bed, prompting him to cast embarrassment aside and run to the hospital. The man simply identified as V.V.C.was hospitalized at 1:45 am on Christmas Day with a swollen, deformed, and bluish colored penis,  doctors at the K120 Military Hospital in Tien Giang Province, […]

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14-year-old Girl Electrocuted in Her Sleep by Her Faulty iPhone Charger

A young 14-year-old girl has died a painful death after she was reportedly electrocuted by her faulty iPhone charger. The victim identified as Le Thi Xoan, aged 14, had reportedly rolled over onto the torn cable and had as a result been exposed to the live wire, police in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi said. She […]

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