Terrifying Incident Averted as MaxAir Aircraft’s Tyre Bursts into Flames During Landing

Terrifying Incident Averted as MaxAir Aircraft's Tyre Bursts into Flames During Landing

Yesterday, passengers aboard a MaxAir flight experienced a harrowing ordeal when the aircraft’s tyre burst into flames during its landing at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja. The plane, which had taken off from Yola in Adamawa State at 2:00 PM, was originally scheduled to arrive at its destination at 3:00 PM before the frightening incident occurred.

Thankfully, all 143 passengers, one infant, and the six crew members on board were safely evacuated without any casualties. The exact cause of the tyre’s combustion is still unclear, but investigations are currently underway.

The Aerodrome Rescue and Fire-fighting Service (ARFFS) personnel stationed at the airport responded swiftly to the emergency and managed to extinguish the fire. As a result, the runway was temporarily closed while the aircraft was towed away.

Passengers expressed immense gratitude for being alive and commended the professionalism exhibited by the crew and emergency responders. Several passengers shared their experiences during the crash landing, recounting the anxiety and fear they felt.

Dr. Mike Ogirima, a former President of the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), reported that the tyre had detached from the plane right after take-off at Yola Airport. Despite this, he refrained from alerting the other passengers to avoid causing panic. Instead, he and others prayed for a safe journey.

Another passenger of MaxAir, who chose to remain anonymous, described the terrifying moments during the incident. She praised the flight crew for their excellent handling of the situation, ensuring that all passengers were wearing their seatbelts and facilitating a quick evacuation of the aircraft when it was safe to do so. She also expressed gratitude to the emergency responders for their courage and skill, acknowledging that they owe their lives to the responders and divine intervention.

In an official statement, the airline’s management confirmed that they will continue providing updates as more information becomes available. The statement emphasized that all passengers and crew are safe, and the airline has taken measures to ensure their comfort and care during this challenging time. The passengers have since been transported to the arrival terminal along with their luggage and belongings.

The airline also stated that the aircraft’s tires are being replaced and that the plane will be thoroughly investigated before being cleared for future flights.

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