Top 10 Startup Companies Transforming the Business Landscape in Togo

Top 10 Startup Companies Transforming the Business Landscape in Togo

The African continent, often dubbed the ‘next frontier for digital innovation’, is swiftly becoming a hub for numerous tech-driven startups. One country making remarkable strides in this respect is the West African nation of Togo. Known for its vibrant culture and rich history, Togo is steadily gaining recognition for its emerging startup ecosystem. There’s an invigorating blend of entrepreneurship and innovation brewing in this small nation, driven by a new generation of digital natives. For many Togolese entrepreneurs, starting a business is a means to drive societal impact, solve local problems, and contribute to the country’s economic growth. This article focuses on the top ten startup companies in Togo, creating significant ripples in various sectors ranging from fintech to agri-tech and e-commerce.

  1. AgriNeem

At the heart of Togo’s economy is agriculture, accounting for a significant chunk of its GDP. AgriNeem is a pioneering startup tapping into the potential of this sector. They produce eco-friendly pesticides derived from Neem tree extracts, providing sustainable solutions to farmers and boosting crop yields without harming the environment.

  1. GoZem

GoZem is Togo’s answer to the booming on-demand ride-hailing industry. With a mission to transform the urban transportation landscape, this startup offers motorbike taxi services that are quick, affordable, and reliable. It has integrated digital payments, ensuring a cashless and convenient experience for users.

  1. YOLIM

Next on the list is YOLIM, a groundbreaking startup revolutionizing the Togolese financial landscape. They offer innovative mobile money services, particularly focusing on the unbanked population. Their solutions range from simple money transfers to savings and microloan services, empowering locals with financial independence.

  1. Infinite Loop

Infinite Loop, a Togolese tech startup, is leading the charge in software development and digital solutions. They provide tailored software solutions for local businesses, bridging the technology gap and fostering digital transformation in Togo.

  1. Ecotour

Promoting sustainable tourism in Togo, Ecotour connects tourists with local guides for an immersive, eco-friendly travel experience. This startup combines technology with local knowledge to offer authentic cultural experiences while preserving Togo’s rich natural and cultural heritage.

  1. BioSave

Addressing the healthcare challenges in Togo, BioSave is a med-tech startup that has developed a platform to connect blood donors with hospitals and blood banks. By streamlining the blood donation process, they are helping save lives and improving healthcare delivery in Togo.

  1. Telesphore

Telesphore is an e-commerce platform streamlining the sale and purchase of agricultural products. By providing a marketplace for farmers and consumers, it ensures fair prices and boosts agricultural trade in the country.

  1. Eneza Education

Taking education technology (EdTech) to new heights in Togo, Eneza Education offers mobile learning solutions for students. It provides access to curriculum-aligned educational content, offering a chance at quality education for all.

  1. Askwar Hilonga

Addressing the vital need for clean water, Askwar Hilonga has introduced nanotechnology-based water filters. These affordable and efficient filters are contributing significantly towards achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal of clean water for all.

  1. Lumen Corp

Lumen Corp is a startup driving solar energy solutions in Togo. They design, manufacture, and distribute solar lamps, helping to address the problem of energy access in rural areas.


These top ten startups are making waves in Togo, demonstrating how innovation and entrepreneurial drive can solve real-world problems. Their success stories serve as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and showcase the country’s untapped potential. Togo’s startup scene may be nascent, but it’s certainly vibrant and growing, offering exciting opportunities for future growth and development.

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