Uganda: One Dead, Several Injured as Radio Mast Collapses During Heavy Rainfall

Uganda: One Dead, Several Injured as Radio Mast Collapses During Heavy Rainfall

Tragedy struck in Dokolo Town in Uganda over the weekend as a heavy downpour caused a radio mast to collapse, killing one person and injuring several others. The deceased, Morris Olum, a 24-year-old musician, had joined four other artists for a radio show on Lango Broadcasting Services (LBS), a local radio station in the area.

According to Fred Eladu, the station manager, the heavy storm broke part of the radio mast during the downpour, which then crashed onto one of the studios where the musicians were being hosted for the show. Four of the musicians – Captain Ice, Lil Square, Lil Inno and Josh Laxzo – sustained minor injuries and were taken to Dokolo Health Center IV for medical attention. By press time, they had been discharged from the hospital.

The station manager expressed his sadness at the loss of Morris Olum and assured the public that the management of the radio station would work with the family of the deceased during this difficult time. He also emphasized the need to ensure the safety of everyone involved in radio broadcasting and urged other radio stations to take measures to prevent such accidents from happening.

This unfortunate incident is a reminder of the importance of safety in all aspects of our lives, including in the media industry. It is crucial that radio stations and other media organizations prioritize the safety of their staff and guests, and take necessary measures to prevent accidents from occurring. As we mourn the loss of Morris Olum, let us also remember to take action to prevent such tragedies from happening again in the future in Uganda.

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