Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni Denies ICU Rumors After Testing Positive for Covid-19

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni Denies ICU Rumors After Testing Positive for Covid-19

Uganda’s President, Yoweri Museveni, recently made a strong and unequivocal declaration to counter misinformation being disseminated primarily in Kenya, asserting that he is not confined to an intensive care unit (ICU). The veteran leader, 78, dismissed the baseless ICU rumors following his Covid-19 diagnosis, pledging to the public that he remains in good health, and is not being hospitalized.

In an earnest communication regarding his health condition, Museveni stated, “Contrary to what some individuals, possibly from Kenya, are propagating, I am not being treated in the ICU. If such a situation were to arise, our government would surely notify the nation, as there would be no reason to veil such a fact. Nevertheless, I want to make it explicitly clear that I haven’t been bedridden in my house, let alone hospitalized, in an ICU or any other healthcare facility. I encourage you all to continue praying for our collective triumph against this virus.”

Despite the constraints of isolation, President Museveni, who is showing no symptoms, confirmed that he tested positive for Covid-19 last Sunday. His keenness to end self-isolation is palpable, yet the positive test result has compelled him to adhere to quarantine guidelines.

The information regarding President Museveni’s Covid-19 diagnosis initially surfaced on Wednesday, via an official statement by Diane Atwine, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Health. Atwine stressed that President Museveni’s health remains sturdy and he continues to diligently perform his official duties, stringently following standard operating procedures.

Many observers are intrigued by the circumstances leading to the president’s infection. Throughout the course of the pandemic, President Museveni had been meticulous about precautionary measures, regularly donning masks, minimizing physical contact, and ensuring individuals he met had a negative Covid-19 test result before their encounter. He also made sure to maintain a safe distance during his interactions with dignitaries and others.

As the Ugandan nation holds its collective breath, waiting for additional updates on President Museveni’s health condition, the distinguished leader is rallying his compatriots, calling for unity and prayers to prevail over the adversity engendered by the ongoing pandemic.

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