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Living With Anxiety by Shelby Nixon



By Shelby Nixon of

How many people here suffer severe anxiety? I sure do, and believe me, it is one hell of a ride. To me, anxiety is like a rollercoaster, when you wake up in the morning it’s like climbing that steep hill and throughout the day it kind of works it’s way to the top until you are at the top starring down the other side. Next thing you know your going high speed down the steep drop with no way to stop it.

Some people coast it out, while others are screaming and crying waiting for it to be over. This just so happens to be my life except some days, I’m already at the top and before I even have a chance to leave the house I’m screaming and crying, wanting it to be over. That’s the sad truth. Not only is my anxiety really high almost everyday, she likes to bring along her friend depression without even asking- God she can be so intrusive… You know sometimes I wish I could just beat it up. I’m a non-believer of medication, I feel like it just gives me a false sense of hope and it makes me feel like I’m not real. Most people in my life try and force it on me and when I fight back and try to stand my ground about it, they tell me I’m being irrational and unhealthy; so uncool. I know I’m not the only one who is like this. Like who wants to take medication that makes them feel zombified all the time? I don’t, screw that! I’d rather sit in my bed writing my blogs, or talk to a therapist than poison my emotions. People with anxiety or depression, even addiction, know what they want and they sure as shit know how to get it. We know how to channel our energy and thoughts into healthy things, just sometimes we struggle with the motivation.

Life can be so debilitating when you suffer inside your own head of overthinking and worry. It’s like your always telling your head to go sleep and let you live one day anxious free. Oh boy would that ever be nice!! Has anyone here ever wondered if people you talk to about your anxiety or depression really understands you, or is it like they are just finding another way to judge you? Maybe that’s my anxiety talking, I don’t really know. I really think my anxiety has made me a little insecure and possibly paranoid about certain things. Anyone I talk to about my anxiety looks at me like I’m a total nut job or they respond with “just suck it up, life is to short to always be in the fast lane” and I respond with “oh, I’m sorry, I can’t slow down because it makes you uncomfortable.” That might seem like a snarky response but it’s true, anxious people can’t just dial it down. Some days it’s go time! For anyone who feels like their rollercoaster is going to fast or never-ending, just remember to close your eyes, take three big breathes through your nose and out your mouth, try and calm yourself, and give it another shot.

For someone who struggles everyday, I find this to be one of the best techniques out there. Find your favorite song and dance along to release energy and most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask for help or a time out! Keep smiling folks, happiness is within arms reach, and you will get there!

By Shelby Nixon of

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