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How to get visa to Canada from Nigeria

If you want to travel to Canada from Nigeria or any other Africa country this article would guide you step by step on how to get visa to Canada From Nigeria. Canada has been the dream of a lot of people knowing How to get visa to Canada from Nigeria have been the need for a lot of people, whether you want to explore the beautiful cities of Canada like Toronto, Vancouver or want to study or work in Canada. This article would guide you on how to apply online and in person, read on to fully discover the process.


Several types of Visa are available for different individuals choice which are:
1. Student Visa.
2. Visitor visa.
3. Work Visa.

See the full list at the Canada official website here.

Visitor Visa: The visitor visa is categorized into 2, which are the single entry and the multiple entries. The single entry allows you to enter Canada once until the 6-month duration. This means you are not expected to leave the country before your 6-month duration expires or else you have to apply for another visitor visa.
The multiple entry visa allows you to enter and leave Canada as many times as you please.


The time duration for a Canada visa application from Nigeria to Canada is 207 days.
Furthermore many things may extend it this could be:
1. The type of Visa you are applying for.
2. The number of applications received from other applicants.
3. If the information you provided is completed.
4. If the information you provided can be verified.
5. The time taken for you to reply to the request seenr6 from the Visa office.
6. The time you take to upload and verify your biometry Information.
7. How long it take for your application to be sent from Nigeria to the Canada Government.


You can decide to apply in person or online, before deciding. Below are the reasons that How to get visa to Canada from Nigeria you should apply online:

1. No fees on couriers and mail delivery.
2. The application online may get more responses than in person.
3. Applying online would help avoid unnecessary delays.
4. If more details are to be submitted you can submit it online thereby saving time.
5. Get updates on your visa application online.

However, if you are applying online or in person they are steps you must follow:

1. You must gather the required documents.
2. You must pay the fee.
3. You must submit the application for approval either online or in person.



Applying for Canada Visa online is simple and easy to do:

1. Visit the official Canada website and select the menu option, click on immigration and citizenship and select visit.

How to get visa to Canada from Nigeria 2 easy method

2. Move your cursor down and select services and information. Section the “apply for a visitor visa” option.

How to get visa to Canada from Nigeria 2 easy method

3. once done select the apply button below.

How to get visa to Canada from Nigeria 2 easy method

4. You would be pointed to choose how you want to apply. Choose the online option and select the get instruction button.

How to get visa to Canada from Nigeria 2 easy method image 4

Before you begin your application, it is very important you read the instruction, so you know what you would be asked. When you are ready, scroll down and select the apply for a visitor visa button.

How to get visa to Canada from Nigeria 2 easy method image 5

Before proceeding you need to answer the queries below:

How to get visa to Canada from Nigeria 2 easy method image 6

Select the second quarry below depending on your requests, select NO, if you have no application in process.

How to get visa to Canada from Nigeria 2 easy method image 8

After that, you can sign in or create an IRCC Account to start your application process.

How to get visa to Canada from Nigeria 2 easy method image 9

1. Before your application can be summited you need to pay the cost for the visa and submit your biometry information fees.


2. Upload your required documents.

Note: You need to submit all the requirements before you would be allowed to submit your application.



To apply in person you have to visit the VFS GLOBAL WEBSITE and click on the “Apply for a Visa” then click on the “Start now”.

They are 7 steps for easy application of the Canada Visa through the VFS global Website for an appointment:

Step 1: Identifying your Visa type

This is to make you find out the type of visa you need and how to apply for that type of visa.

Step 2: Begining your application process


To begin your application you have to download the application form and complete it. This can also be summited electronically.


Here is the link to the application form. Choose the right application form that matches your requirement, if you are going for a temporary Visa resident you should choose the IMM 5257. You are still required to print out the completed form along with 2 copies of the 2D barcode for How to get visa to Canada from Nigeria to be sucessful.



How to choose the right application form

To choose the right visa application form, download the form on the official website “application form

select the ” A form or checklist” option.

how to get visa to canada from nigeria image 7


scroll down and select the form that meet your requirements, if non, on the first page you can check the other page by clicking on the next button.

how to get visa to canada from nigeria image 9

select the IMM5257 option if you are going for “Application for a Temporary Resident Visa” and it would download automatically.

how to get visa to canada from nigeria image 11





Step 3: Schedule an appointment



You need to schedule an appointment so you can get your biometry information taken, and your photo at the visa application office. If you do not need to give biometry information and photo you still need to submit your application to the Visa application office. 


If you are not sure if you need to submit biometry information and photo, you can check it out on the Official Canada Website. 


To make an appointment at the application centre:


You can visit the VFS WEBSITE to book your appointment these following ways:


  1. Online: you can click the link to schedule an appointment.


  1. By calling: you have to call the helpline number of  VFS GLOBAL  2348150199900


  1. By Email messaging: you can send them a message at their email address to book an appointment.


  1. By web chat: you can click on the Chat now.


  1. In-person: you can also visit the visa centre application in person.


Step 4: Paying the required fees


They are two fees to be paid, Application and Biometric fees.



The fees can change at any time, and if your application is rejected no refund are given.


Step 5: Tracking your Application

An email would be sent, to keep you informed,  you an be able to get tracking information through SMS, sent directly to the number you provided,

You can be able to also get the tracking information on the VFS website or you can chat them up on the webchat, or call them on the phone on 2348150199900 or visit them at their office.

Step 6: Collecting Your Passport

After you have submitted your application process and a decision have been made, You are required to pick your Passport from the Visa application office, to collect your Passport in person that are some important documents  to bring with you:


  • A copy of your stamped biographic page passport (the page with your name, photograph, place of birth, and date)
  • Provide an original Visa Application Service Receipt issued by the Visa Application office
  • A form of government identification verification


To apply for your Canada Visitor Visa online in Nigeria:

Visit the official Canada website.

Create an account.

Complete your application online.


Pay the fees.

Submit your application.

To apply for your Canada Visitor Visa in person in Nigeria:

Get or download your documents

Complete your application process

Book an appointment (if biometrics and photo are required)

Pay the fees

Submit your application

Once you have your Visa, start your countdown to Canada!

Hope this article has helped you with How to get visa to Canada from Nigeria, Read also How to send money abroad in 6 easy ways

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How to send money abroad 6 easy ways

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how to send money abroad internationally

Sending money abroad has been made easier than before, Their are people who wish they know How to send money abroad to relatives or friends living abroad with the advancement and development in today’s world sending money abroad have been made more easier and faster than it was before.

Below are 6 easy ways on How to send money abroad:

wise logo

1. Wise

Wise formally know as Transferwise is a fintech firm based in London and they are available worldwide, they are known to be one of the cheapest means to send money abroad internationally. In a ratio of 10, 9 people would prefer to use wise cause of Their fast time track, security, never monthly fees, and no minimum balance needed.

Advantages of Using wise

  1. Wise make use of real time exchange rate meaning the same rates that Google and other sources provide is what Wise use no delay of any kind.
  2. It is more cheaper than using banks to send money abroad or any other means out there.
  3. Wise is secured, licenced, and regulated.
  4. Over 3 million people uses Wise.

How to send money with Wise

Follow these steps to send money abroad internationally:

1. Create an account with wise:

  • To start you need to create an account by visiting their website click here to create an account with wise.
  • Creating an account with wise is Free and doesn’t have any hidden charges. The receiver does not need to have an account with wise to receive the sent money.
  • Verification is needed sometimes, it is easy to do and if you are asked for verification it takes a maximum of 2 days period.
  • You can register an account with wise as a Person you can also add your business if you wish.

2. Fill in the receiver details:

  •  After creating an account with wise and ready to send money abroad, you need to enter the details of the receiver. Money can be sent to friends, family, business partners, or even yourself if you are travelling abroad with wise.
  • Enter correctly your account number and other details. Your receiver do not need to have a Wise account to receive the money abroad.

3. Pay for the Transfer:

  •  After filling in the recipient details, you need to pay the transfer money, which is very easy to do. This can be paid through a debit or credit card you can also pay through a local bank transfer. They are multiple payment options widely available depends on where you are sending From.
  • It is better to pay with a credit or debit card as bank transfer would take more time for verification this is if you want to send the money quickly.

4. Enjoy:

  • After doing the above your payment is ready to get sent. If the recipient email is provided they would receive an email immediately concerning the transfer.

If you want to send money abroad with wise you can create an account here.

Wise is one of the easiest, fastest and cheapest ways to send money abroad and anyplace in the world.

paypal logo 1

2. Paypal

PayPal is one of the World most used online payment Platforms, used by businesses and individuals to send and receive money across the globe. It is used by over 100 million people regularly. You can also use PayPal to send money abroad to friends, business partners and relatives. Creating a PayPal account is very easy to do.

Advantages of using PayPal:

  •  The recipient would have access to use PayPal for shopping online without redrawing the funds.
  •  Using PayPal to send money to friends and family is cost free.
  • Interface is straightforward and easy to use.
  • Your bank, debit and credit card details are well encrypted and high level of security to help prevent fraud.

How to send money with PayPal

1. Create an account

 To create an account with PayPal is very easy go to PayPal or download the PayPal app from Playstore or Appstore and click on the signup option. If you are new to PayPal you are required to Fill in the details correctly and link your payment method before you can send money abroad. if you have PayPal before click on the sign-in option.

2. Add Money to your PayPal account

To add money to your PayPal from your bank account you need to have a PayPal cash account, it is totally free.

To add money using your bank account you need to first request for Paypal cash card. You would be sent a PayPal cash card if details are correctly filled in.

Once you received your PayPal Cash card you can add funds to your PayPal cash card plus with just using your PayPal cash card in any of the retail shops located worldwide.

Once done, sign in to the PayPal app or Website click on the wallet option, select the transfer money option and add the money to your balance, select your bank and input the amount of money you want to send, same goes for the Apps. It usually takes 3-4 days do the money to get formed.


Benefits of using a PayPal cash card

  1.  you can make purchases online using your funds in your PayPal wallet, make purchases in physical stores and anywhere where the MasterCard is used.
  2. You can redraw money from your PayPal wallet balance from any MoneyPass ATM worldwide with no fees.
  3.  Protection from unauthorized payment sent from your PayPal account.
  4.  No monthly fees for maintenance is charged.
  5. You can signup to PayPal account here.

payoneer logo

3. Payoneer

Payoneer is a finance company that provides an easy way to send and receive money from anywhere in the world. They have over 10 million daily users. Payoneer has proven to be one of the top finance companies to use to send money abroad.

Advantages of Using Payoneer

  1.  Provide a quick and easy payment system to use.
  2. Have coverage to 200 countries.
  3. Schedule payments to more than 50 people at a time.
  4. Good customer care.

How to send money with Payoneer

1. Create an account with Payoneer: to create an account click here to signup for Payoneer. Ensure you fill in all your details required Such as attaching your government issued card it could be a passport or national identity card.

2. Once you have completed the registration, you will receive a mail that your card would be delivered. Once you have received the card, you have to activate it and you can now receive or send money anywhere in the world.

3. To start sending money you have to input your local account details and link them to Payoneer.

4. Note that Payoneer charges an annual service fee of $30.

You can start Creating your Payoneer account here.


4. MoneyGram

 Moneygram is an international finance company based in the United States, they allow you to send money abroad directly to the recipient’s bank account or recipients mobile wallet in selected Countries.

Advantages of using MoneyGram

1. Is the World second largest Money transfer company in the world.

2. Allows money to be sent directly to the recipient bank account.

3. You have huge options to send the money online, using their agent around the world, or with partner banks.

4. Fees vary depends on your location, amount and country.

How to send money with MoneyGram

Before sending money using MoneyGram they are some required information to provide.

1. issued ID by the government such as drivers license and passport.


2. You need to use the recipient issued name that matches the recipient identification.

3. Recipient location should be provided.

4. Money to be sent to the bank require the recipient bank account and name.

5. If the recipient uses a mobile wallet, it requires the mobile number of the recipient.

One’s you have the above information you should find a local MoneyGram agent near you or a partner bank.

Complete your transactions with the desired agents, give the agent the money to be sent, and all the transfer fees. The transfer fee varies.

One’s done notify the recipient, and save your receipts, share the number of the reference with the recipient for easy pickup. If you are using a bank transfer method, recipient’s would receive money in their bank account directly.

western union logo

5. Western Union

Western Union is one of the safest and oldest finance companies to send and receive money from around the world and abroad. The sender can send money internationally to any recipient.

Advantages of Western Union

1. Easy way to send money abroad.

2. No hidden charges, with the Western Union you can keep track of the charges and fees.


3. You can repeatedly send money abroad to the same recipient once you have input the person’s details previously.

4. Western Union is Universally accepted.

How to send money with Western Union

To send money abroad with Western Union you have 4 methods in person, online, through phone calls or the western Union mobile app. You can send a minimum of £1000 in 1-2 months before identity verification would be asked.

1. You can visit their website to carry out transactions online visit here, or visit the Western Union branch near you.

2. Verify the name and address of the recipient, this is important so you know the city to send the money to, and make sure you use the name used in their ID as this would be used for verification of fund to the Right recipient.

3. Choose your preferred method for the transaction. You can send money through Western Union by Cash by visiting the Western Union branch near you or you can make use of a credit or debit card for bank to bank transactions, fees may vary depending on the bank card used

4. If you are using a bank to bank, you need the recipient bank account details such as International Bank Account Number, Bank Identifier Code and any needed details depends on the country you are sending to.

5. Save the MTCN details as it contains the tracking number and the recipient would be required to give these details to receive the money.

6. To send money abroad using the Western Union Website you have to visit their website to create an account, pay online and ensure you save the MTCN details you would be Given as this would be the tracking code for the recipient to receive the money.

7. To send money via phone call you have to call the Western Union agent and provide the necessary needed information of the recipient and you have to pay with a debit card or credit card.


8. MTCN details would be given and you have to save it to use the recipient to keep track of the money and collect it.

9. If you are using the Western Union app the mobile app is available on Android and iOS.

xoom logo

6. Xoom

Xoom is a money transfer firm founded by PayPal that allows you to send money to your friends and loves ones abroad. Usually, money transfers are only allowed if you want to move your money from the US, UK, Europe, and Canada to over 130 countries across the world.

 One thing that set Xoom apart from other money transfer service provider is the recipient do not need to have a bank account as the money can be delivered as a cash payout, home delivery, Bank transfer and Topup ( depending o the location of the recipient).

Advantages of using Xoom

1. Money to be transferred can be funded by credit card, debit card, and bank transfer.

2. You can pay bills to your loved ones who reside in Colombia, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, Nicaragua and other supported countries.

3. Support is available in Arabic, English, Spanish, French, and Italian.

4. Xoom transfers are Fast, as funds can reach the recipient location within minutes but it would cause you more.

How to send money abroad with Xoom

Xoom currently supports only the US, UK, Europe, and Canada to send money. While it supports other 100 Countries to send money. see the checklist of supported Countries here.

To start sending money abroad with Xoom you need to do the following:


1. Create an account with Xoom on their website or sign up on their iOS or Android app.

2. You have to fill in your basic information correctly.

3. You have to verify your email address and your ID to start using your account.

4. Connect your bank account with your debit and credit card. Then you are good to go.


Always be sure of who you are sending money to and avoid any mistakes.

Do not disclose your activities to someone you cannot trust.

The transaction method varies from country to country as some countries restrict some setten method of sending money abroad. 

Also, read how to block annoying spam calls


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