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A smart bike helmet that makes night rides a lot safer



Biking… It’s healthy, economical, and good for the environment. It’s also quiet, and doesn’t protect you from damage the way a car and its seatbelt does. Most biking accidents happen because bicycles are inherently quiet and relatively invisible – especially in low-light conditions.

The Lumos Ultra smart helmet’s approach to protection is two-fold. Not only does it function as a traditional helmet, guarding your head against any impact-related injuries, it dramatically increases your visibility and your predictability to drivers around you. The Lumos Ultra is a high quality and aerodynamic cycling helmet that’s integrated with front and rear bike lights, as well as rear-mounted indicators to help people behind you see, and react to your intentions.

The helmet’s integrated bike lights are a more effective alternative to bike-mounted lights that often get stolen, or just aren’t visible enough because they are located down low. As the lights are positioned on your head, they are now at eye level which provides maximum visibility, and can also be an indication of the direction that you are looking at.

The lights are bright and wrap around the sides too, giving you 360 degree coverage which makes you visible to motorists all around you… a feature that’s pretty important considering how most cars and motorcycles travel faster, and need to constantly overtake bicycles.

The James Dyson Award-winning helmet comes with a tough, crash-test-certified design that’s also IPX6 water resistant. The button at the rear of the helmet allows you to turn the helmet on/off and toggle the light modes. The indicators can easily be controlled either via an included remote that straps to your handlebar, or by using an Apple Watch that utilizes gesture recognition technology. You can even use Lumos Ultra’s smartphone app to further customize your helmet blinking patterns, control battery life or track your ride.

The helmet’s design comes with air vents that optimizes for ventilation, while helping to cut down the product’s weight to a mere 370 grams. The Lumos Ultra is available in three different sizes and can be equipped with a visor for shade, and is also available in MIPS for increased protection against rotational forces. The helmet also sports a USB-C port that allows you to charge it, providing hours of light emission on a full battery… so that you’re always visible and always safe!

Designer: Bilal Raja


A smart bike helmet that makes night rides a lot safer

Lumos Ultra – The New Standard In Bike Helmets

The Lumos Ultra has integrated LED lighting, turn signals, and smart features to keep you safe in one sleek package.

A smart bike helmet that makes night rides a lot safer

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Be more visible.

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Be more predictable.

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Simplify your ride.

Issues With Cycling

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A smart bike helmet that makes night rides a lot safer

Lumos Ultra solves all.

How It Works

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1. Turn it on.

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2. Signal your turning intentions.


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3. Stay alive.

Lumos Ultra Features

A smart bike helmet that makes night rides a lot safer

A smart bike helmet that makes night rides a lot safer

Activating The Turn Signals – Lumos Ultra comes included with a wireless handlebar remote to make signaling as easy as pressing a button.

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Got an Apple watch? You can control the turn signals on Lumos Ultra by simply raising your arm.

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Keep the sun and rain out of your eyes while you ride with an optional attachable visor.

Lumos Ultra User Review

Here’s what some of their beta testers had to say.

What Makes Lumos Ultra Special

A smart bike helmet that makes night rides a lot safer

COB Technology – Chips On Board (COB) is a method of LED packaging which has a number of advantages over more conventional technologies. It allows for a more compact footprint whilst delivering a higher intensity of light meaning you’ll be seen from further away. It is also what gives the lights a more uniform look.

A smart bike helmet that makes night rides a lot safer

Maximum Venting – The team has created 3 enormous exhausts in the rear to ensure hot air gets pushed out helping to keep the rider cool whether on a commute or on a training session.


A smart bike helmet that makes night rides a lot safer

Crash Testing – The initial crash tests on beta units show that they pass with plenty of safety margin to spare.

A smart bike helmet that makes night rides a lot safer

Weatherproof – The Lumos Ultra is built to IPX6 standards, to withstand the elements and keep you riding bright, come rain or shine.

A smart bike helmet that makes night rides a lot safer

Lightweight – Ultra is estimated to have a final weight of 370 grams.

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Lights High Up Matter –  There are multiple benefits to wearing lights high up on the head. Firstly, it makes it possible to be seen more clearly by motorists on the road. You’re less likely to encounter a situation where your lights are being blocked by parked cars or other things on the road. Secondly, by illuminating your head, it’s much easier for motorists to see where you’re looking and thus know approach more carefully.

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More Sizes – Lumos Ultra is the helmet for everyone, from kids to even bigger kids. It is available in the sizes S, M-L and XL, and they are all equipped with a click-dial fit system to ensure that helmet sits firmly yet comfortably on your head. More colors in the offering as well.

A smart bike helmet that makes night rides a lot safer

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Creative: South African woman makes dress from recycled KFC packaging



The Internet has transformed the world into a global village today. Within a minute we get to know news from a thousand miles away and feel connected. Social media platforms also keep us informed and entertained. People are finding new ways these days to get noticed on these online platforms by doing something unique. A female fashion designer and blogger from South Africa is a recent example of this, having garnered the attention of social media users for her creative take on sustainable clothing.

The young fashion designer, who goes by the name NokuzothaNtuli on Twitter, has shared images of a beautiful dress made from recycled KFC packaging that has left people stunned.

Showing her love for KFC, the fashion designer, in a caption, explained that the dress was made out of recycled KFC packaging. She also tagged KFC South Africa in her post. The pictures were an attempt by the designer to win KFC’s Superfan contest, which had the grand prize of a year’s supply of the brand’s fried chicken products.
Take a look at NokuzothaNtuli’s post:

Since being shared, this tweet has grabbed over 13,000 likes and a plethora of reactions by Twitter users. Enjoying the attention on social media, the fashion designer has it pinned on her profile at the moment.

After viewing the photos of the dress on Twitter, KFC South Africa themselves were pretty impressed and responded to the woman’s idea on the social networking site, saying that, “All this fresh drip, we were never ready”.


The word drip is an urban slang word for chic and fashionable clothing.

Not only KFC South Africa but social media users also appreciated the creativity of the fashion designer. Several users found the dress very innovative and commended the fashion designer on her skills.
Some people rooted for NokuzothaNtuli to win the Superfan contest.

Others were impressed by the talent of the designer as well as the free marketing that KFC got through her.

Some people also shared their own experiences with clothing made out of recycled paper.

Now its your time, how creative do you think this dress is?

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