Financial Constraints Should Not Deter Men from Marriage, Advocates Life Coach Solomon Buchi

Financial Constraints Should Not Deter Men from Marriage, Advocates Life Coach Solomon Buchi

Nigerian motivational speaker and self-described life coach, Solomon Buchi, has imparted advice to men whose hesitancy to wed is rooted in financial uncertainty. His suggestion, which has caught the attention of the Twitter community, urges men, irrespective of their financial status, to not shy away from marriage.

Solomon Buchi tweeted on Tuesday, sharing his thoughts on the matter and offering an enlightening perspective. He elaborated on the premise that a successful marriage requires more than financial stability, it requires understanding and acceptance from one’s partner. The true test of a partnership lies in the understanding that life is uncertain, and one can lose all material possessions, he believes.

He narrated an incident from his personal life, wherein his younger sister married his friend, a 25-year-old employee of ExxonMobil at the time. The couple got married while they were relatively young, and the man was in a financially stable position, providing well for himself. However, a mere six months into their marriage, he lost his job due to COVID-induced layoffs. Solomon argued that the usual male instinct is to establish a robust financial foundation before entering matrimony, but he insisted that this approach lacks foresight.

In Solomon’s perspective, the true cornerstone of a successful marriage lies in selecting a partner who comprehends and accepts the realities of life, including the possibility of losing everything. This acceptance and understanding foster a sense of contentment, which, according to Buchi, is what enables a marriage to withstand storms. Regardless of the external circumstances, it’s the couple’s mutual support and determination to stay together that offers true security and control in a relationship.

The life coach further emphasized that money should never be a barrier to marriage for men. He acknowledges the societal pressures men face regarding financial stability but warns that there’s no absolute certainty in retaining one’s riches. Life can be unpredictable, and it’s during these unpredictable phases that one requires a partner who can embrace them wholly, in both good and bad times.

Reflecting on his brother-in-law’s experience, Solomon speculated that if the man had been able to foresee his job loss just six months after his marriage, he might have postponed the wedding until he regained financial stability. He concluded his narrative by advising men not to let their aspirations of achieving a significant financial cushion prevent them from getting married.

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